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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy That you are our kids Father('s) Day

Here in Finland, as well as in Sweden, we celebrate Father's Day today.
And no, my Hubby is not MY Father, but he is our children's Father, so since this is my blog, and I blog what I want to, this one goes to him.

I know I gush about my Big Guy a lot.
Well.  If he was yours you'd know why :)
This last week and a half, he has again shown his love to me and the kids.
He has cried along with me.  Soothed the kids those 1st hard nights after finding out that Star had died.
He went to their rooms in the evening, and talked with them.  Hugged them.  Cried with them.
He thought nothing of it.  I pointed out to him that all guys are not like that.  Many guys would not have done that.  He looked puzzled at me...
To him it was the most natural thing.
And I'm so thankful that's how he feels.

I think it's so important to be able to show your feelings.  To SHARE your feelings.
Most of us women are OK at doing this.  Many guys are not.
Too bad.
I can't imagine how hard it must be for guys who feel that they need to "stay strong" and bottle their feelings inside themselves.
Maybe they get it out through work, going to the gym, whatever....
But I still think that showing your feelings is nessesary in order to heal and move forward.

Last night Big Guy said something that I totally agree with.
He said that he'd rather go through the trial of losing Star, knowing that we have a baby waiting for us, than not have it happen at all.
So, so true.
It puts it all in it's right perspective.
We still did get a baby.  We still did get a gift from above.  We have a baby we never have to worry about.
From this trial love has grown.
From this trial people have shown their best side.
Have you ever thought about that??
That the hardest times bring out the best in people??
I don't ask for hardship in my life, but when it comes along, and you realize the love and strength that comes out of it...
It's truly amazing!

I'm happy to have Big Guy at my side going through this.
He's.... well... the best.
Thank you for being such a wonderful Father to our kids.
Thank you for being you.
Life is beautiful when you have so much good in your life.
Thank you to our Heavenly Father, who provides so well for us... Without him, we would be nothing.

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