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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My job

Today I am here to tell you about my job.
My job is my life.
I simply live for the job I hold.
It doesn't come with any really good perks, but I keep showing up, on time, every day.
I can't say I have any scheduled vacations, but on the other hand, I take as many breaks as I want.
Some days it feels like my right hand is attached to a cup of coffee.
I totally don't worry about getting fired for it - there's no one to replace me!

The people I am in charge of are of various ages.
They come and go through the day.
Some are with me all day long.
Sometimes they even follow me to the bathroom.
Not much privacy with this profession!!
But that's ok, because I can be totally free around them.
If I burp, fart or sneeze, I say excuse me, but nobody really cares either way.
If I get really mad and even yell at them, they listen, but get over my outbursts really fast.
We hug and say sorry, and never bring it up again.

Some days I feel like a REALLY bad boss.
I tell them that I feel like taking early retirement or quit!  I can't handle this any more!
Funny how they never seem to remember that the next day!
Sometimes they tell me I'm the best boss in the world, and they say they love me, give me as many hugs and kisses as I want and need.
If I cry they get really worried and concerned.
Sometimes they give me beautiful cards to make me feel better.

Every day my boss is with me too.
Actually, he watches me 24/7.
When I feel like I hit the bottom of the pit, he helps me up every time, and gives me the strength I need for every single day.  He has PROMISED to never, ever leave me.
Some times when I'm frustrated and  feel like nobody cares, nobody sees my effort or how hard I work, I remember that my boss does.
And knowing that gives me strength to continue.

I deal with teenagers and listen to their day to day struggles, fun stories and worries.
I nag at them to clean their rooms, hug them when they are sad and frustrated, and encourage them to be the best they can.
I ask them to set the goals in their lives, and remind them that their lives are theirs to live, not mine.
So learn to take responsability for your actions!
Only when you can admit that you were wrong can you learn from your experience and hopefully not make the same mistake again.

I care for a diabetic child.  I remind her to take care of herself every day.
I cheer her on and try to teach her how to take care of herself.
I get sad on her behalf and sometimes discouraged, but I remind her that she's the toughest and bravest 11 year old I know.

I have younger kids to take care of as well.
They come to me with all their issues, and I try to help them trough various conflicts they encounter each day.  If they are hurt I cheer them up.  If they are happy I share in their joy.
I hug them a lot.  I laugh with them even more.

I love my job.  It's maybe the best job in the world.
I don't get paid for what I do.  You can't put a value on it, so I don't think there would be a "right" salary.
I make sure to keep everyone fed, clothed, clean and happy.
The reward I get is their love and appreaciation in return.
Many, many women look down on this job.
They think we should "expand" ourselves.
This isn't "good enough".
That's ok.  I don't mind others choosing different.

"You are just a mom!"
Yeah.  I am "just" a mom.
I don't have an education.
I don't get promotions or taps on the back.
I don't have any diplomas on my walls.
But being "just" a mom is the most rewarding job you can have.
The love you get in return, the smiles, the hugs....
I might be "just" a mom, but after all these years I have learned to appreaciate the luxury of being "just" a mom.  I don't have any stylish co-workers waiting for me.  I can bum around in boring mom clothes and forget to make my hair for a few days. 

Am I letting myself go??  I don't feel it that way.
I can choose what I eat and when I eat it, meaning I usually eat quite healthy.
I don't sit stuck in traffic knowing that I am late picking my kids up - less stress!
If there are Dr's appointments, I can always bring them without taking time off.
I KNOW the kids that I gave birth to.
I don't need to rely on a daycare lady to share my kids milestones.
I feel like a true winner in this rat race.
One day I might go back to school and "become" something when I grow up.
But for now I'm fine living this wonderful life, filled with hilarious moments, all natural and real.

Anyway... I have dishes to do, but first I think I'll have another cup of coffee :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For the good things

I just read through some of my old blog posts.
Often when I write them I have a strong feeling about one or another thing.
Good or bad.
But within a few days of posting it, I often forget what I even wrote about so passionately!
Maybe because when I write I "dump" my brain and heart out through my fingers and on to the keybord.
Words and scentences pop up on the screen and form little glimpses from my life.

Words are so powerful.
To write can hurt or help, heal or damage.
You choose what you write, and hope that your message gets across the way you intended.
These days with so many ways to express ourselves, many people seem to totally lose all their tact.
Some use really rude or corse language on FB or similar sites.  Women who normally would never talk like that in real life!!  It's kind of disturbing and I think it's a really good way to make people lose respect for them.

Well.  Today is however not going to be a "how to write" class, just had to put in my 2 cents regarding that.

Today I want to remember the "being Thankful" thing.
Especially since many of my friends and family celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend over in the USA.
I think trying to be a grateful person, who is able to appreaciate what they have in their life and the gifts God has given them, will help anyone in their everyday life.
The saying "A bitter heart can not be thankful, and a thankful heart can not be bitter" is one of my favourites.
I use a lot of "sayings" in my everyday life, and our kids already know about many, and we can often laugh at me because I'm becoming quite predictable with them.
"You can only change yourself!"
"Don't expect anyone to do anything for you, do it yourself!"
"Be kind to each other, and help each other!"
"Remember to appreaciate what you have, because you never know what tomorrow brings!".
"Love each other, one day something might happen to one of you, and you'll really regret anything bad you did"
"Be responsible for your actions, don't blame others!"

The list goes on....

But, today I'm trying to be thankful.
Lately I've struggled with a lot of feelings, stress and emotions.
I have to remind myself that I quite likely am still feeling the effects of the msicarriage.
I really feel that I need TIME.  Time for me.
Time to just figure out what I feel about all sorts of stuff.
But when my emotions and hormones have been on a rollercoaster that lost its fun-factor several turns ago, I just want to get off of it and give my head a chance to stop spinning.
I'm not going to go in to details right now, and most likely I wouldn't be able to explain everything that's going on without sounding confusing or whiny or both.
To combat all the yukky stuff I'm going through, I try to focus on the good.

This morning I got a text from my cousin.  He and his wife and their kids are happy to announce the birth of a little girl.  A new baby sister to love and care for.
How wonderful, and how thankful I am that all went well for mom and baby.
This last year has been hard for many people I know.
Money and health problems are so common these days.
But when I see how people love and care for each other, it makes me happy and thankful.

Then there's my neighbour lady across the street, who in my eyes seem to live the "perfect life". Their yard is always neat, and they have 2 boys, 5 years apart, and things always seem to be in its proper place.  I get a bit of a complex living in this unfinished house, with kids running all over, toys scattred like a bomb went off.  It usually looks like no grown-ups are living in our house!!
The neighbour guy's garage is cleaner than my kitchen, while our garage is... hmmm... how do I put it??
Messy would be a nice compliment.  So let's leave it at that.

Anyway.  In a round about way I heard how this neighbour lady told someone that:
"I feel so overwhelmed with my 2 boys, and sometimes I don't know what to do, and then I look at the lady across the street coming home with her 7 kids, arms loaded with grocery bags, and she's always smiling!, I don't know how she does it!"
Hearing this brought tears to my eyes.
Often I feel so insignificant and "not enough".  There are so many things I can't do with our kids because it costs too much.
There are many things I don't have energy for, because, well, I'm just me and there are 7 of them.
I often feel like I have a bit of a complex about my life looking so "messy" and unorganized.
Our kids clothes are not matching and neat.  Our yard is all sand and construction stuff and toys.
Our house isn't finished and our cars are loud and old.

When my hubby told me about what the neighbour lady said, his eyes were sparkling.
He hugged me and was so proud of me.
He said hearing those things makes him love me even more.
Our kids were so pumped too.
And even if that's just her observation about me, and she sure doesn't know the whole picture, well, I only have my observation of her, and I don't know HER whole picture either.
It's a comforting thought for us all.
We all have the little things in our lives that annoy us, and when the neighbour's grass seem greener, well, maybe ours isn't so bad after all.
I am so very thankful to have the gang I have to share my life with.
It's when you take away all the superficial layers in life, and look at what is really left, that you see the true value of what you have.
Those things can vary because our goals are different.
For me being loved for who I am is something that matters a lot.
And when all is said and done, I am.  I truly am.
And feeling so loved and appreaciated, makes it so easy to love the people around me, for who they are!
And a smile is the poor mans jewel. 
A smile is the most beautiful make-up you can wear!  It comes in a perfect size for you face, and it matches every outfit you own.

This makes me think of another saying that I really like that goes something like this:
"The smile on my face doesn't mean that my life is perfect, it means that I am thankful for what I have and that I know that God provides for me what I need every day!"
No need to worry.
Just smile and be thankful.  There are so many reasons to do that.
Even if your house isn't finished and is full of sand :)

And like our wise 13 year-old told me a while back
"Mamma, we are rich.  We really are!"
Yes honey, we really, really are...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture this!!

Here's a "picture perfect" post.
A little bit of everything...

Above the clouds the sun is always shining!
On our way to Norway, flying from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.

My oldest (the Lapp Lady) and my sisters youngest (the reindeer)

The moms had to try it too!!  My nephew is watching us with a smile
on his face...

Beautiful Lapland.  This is in the very northern part of Finland.

Such peaceful beauty!

Cousins hanging out!  Such a sweet little boy :)
Our sweet boy turned 3 and asked for a "Tank cake"!
Well, he wasn't disappointed. 
Dad arranged one with the help of oldest daughter.
Not bad, huh?
In the morning we woke him up with a small cake and presents in bed.
Well, he wasn't too impressed with the bright candles.
"It's too sunny!!", he said.
So I blew them out for him so he could uncover his eyes :)
On October 26th we got our first snow this winter.
The following morning the "snow panthers" were busy outside!

In sharp contrast to the tank cake, stand this "Shoe Cake".
Our oldest daughter made this sweet treat for her younger sister
when she turned 11.

Happy Birthday to a You!
Her candles weren't too "sunny" btw

Happy Halloween!
A white cat, a ghost and a fairy.
We celebrated Halloween at home and I arranged a treasure hunt for
the kids after eating "Halloween shaped" nuggets and fries for dinner.

Well, that's all for now.
Pictures are so much fun to share, but I am bad at taking pictures and worse at posting them.
I always seem to mess up somehow in the process, so I avoid it, so each time I get it done I feel like
I've accomplished something huge!  My blog never look very prefessional.
It doesn't have anything "cute" or fancy about it.
So never mind the unevenly spaced pictures.  If I try to correct them I'll probably delete them.
I've never claimed to be computer savy, at least the kids in the pictures make up for the lame layout :)