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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MORE good news!! :)

Where to start?
As you know the last few weeks have been filled with lots of things taking place in my life.
1st finding out that we lost Star.
Then to the hospital for a DnC, losing a bunch of blood, feeling drained physically and emotionally.
Recovering at home, trying to make sense of what all has happened...
Reading up on "molar pregnancy".  Feeling depressed after reading too much, getting worried that the worst will happen to me!
Had an x-ray of my lungs last Friday, to make sure nothing bad had made it there!
Waiting for results... (that's the worst part!!)
Yesterday (Monday) I went to leave my 1st bloodwork to see how well my hCG has dropped (the hormone level that will indicate in what direction things are heading)

Today I called my Dr in the morning, to see if he had any info to share about my x-ray results.
He said he'll call me back...
Well, he just called at 8 pm!!  He apologized about calling so late, but that didn't matter to me,
I want to find out what's going on!!!
Well, the lungs were fine.  Check.
The pathology work came back, and they did confirm that I had a partial molar pregnancy, but with no abnormalities! Yes!!
The results from the hCG were also back, and my hormone levels had dropped from 20 000 to 32½ in 10 days!!!  WOW!!!
Even my Dr was impressed!

Of course I still have to keep leaving bloodwork for many months to come (probably for a few years actually, as they need to keep an eye open for any changes that could indicate cancer growth)
Even when the hormone levels hit 0, there's still a risk for things to reverse.
But for now: "I'm CELEBRATING!!"

I know that all the prayers from all of my wonderful friends have helped me.
I can feel it.
The fact that I've been taking walks in the sun with my 3 youngest have been beneficial too.
And the fact that I've had time to be truly happy for others, I think is one of the best medicines for your body and soul! 
I've had some low moments.  Feeling blue, questioning the meaning of this trial...
But I can already see so much good that has come from it, that in the long run, I would not have wanted to be without it.
And like my Hubby said "I rather have gone through this, knowing we have a baby waiting for us, than not have it happen at all!"
Those words are so true and so strengthening, they will be my words to live by for a while.

This Friday Big Guy and I are going away overnight. We are going to the capital city of this country, a few hours drive away.
I got a good deal on a SPA-hotel a few weeks back.  Little did I know what would have time to happen in the time between booking the hotel, and us going!  I think we'll need this vacation even more now.  We'll enjoy our time together even more.  We haven't gone anywhere, overnight, just the 2 of us, for almost 2½ years!  So it's about time...
"Have fun!" 
I know, we will!!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear things are getting back to a new "normal" for you. It is easier to go forward knowing things are getting better. Let's keep a prayer yet that things will continue. Have a nice time together. You do deserve that time. And yes, we are sure happy for our friends to get their house and job and start their lives anew!! Couldn't be happier! Take care and hellos to all the kids and friends. -- Carline

Sofia L said...

Yay!!! Great that things are getting better. Both for your friends overseas and for your hormone levels. Love ya sis, and as we say in Norway; "Koooos dokker!" :)