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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going healthy

I follow a few blogs that I like and that inspire me.
I read them for inspiration and often I'm in awe about what these young busy moms have time to accomplish, with their hands full of kids and house chores!

I on the other hand do little projects here and there, and of course there are some crafts I do with the kids and the older kids like to play "Mad Scientist" with the younger ones.  It's not like we just "sit" here, but I can't say that I have anything exciting to share in the production department.

However.  A few weeks ago a good friend of mine emailed me about an eating challenge she started.
I've been in a flunk since Christmas, knowing that sugar needed to go, but didn't really know how to part with it.  I like simple.
If somebody tells me "Eat this amount of xyz, this many times per day!", I get it and I can do it.
I do not like "You need approx 300mg of this and 700mg of that, and blah blah blah!"
So, dear friend shared her excitement after experiencing great results.
This is not so much about losing weight, but more about "feeling good from the food that you eat!"
About nurishing the body, not just feeding it.
About whole and clean eating.  Foods with as few ingredient as possible,
Preferable ONE!

The program I decided to try out is called "Whole30".
For 30 days you challenge your body to only fuel it with things that actually give it good energy.
No more sugars (in any type or form, no honey, or maple suryp or natural sugars), No dairy, No grains, No white potates, legumes, beans, peanuts or vegetable oils.
So what do I eat??
LOTS of GOOD food!  I really thought dropping the grains would be that hardest, but it hasn't!
I eat lots and lots of fresh vegetables, some fruits (not too much, it's like my "candy"), healthy nuts and seeds, good meat (no processed stuff), eggs, fish, coconut, fresh herbs, good oils....
And it's sooo good!
I feel like I'm eating out every day.(at like a really nice restaurant)
Stir fries, soups, stews, salads.... the list goes on.
Today was my 14th day of doing this, and I don't regret one minute of it.

(I have not cheated. I have not had one bite of cookie, or candy or brownie or cake. No bread what so ever etc etc.  I tasted one piece of potatoe chip on Sunday evening, and blah, I don't miss that either!)

I pack along fruits and nuts when I'm not sure what options I'll have if we go somewhere.
When I eat according to the "plan" (very basic, even I can follow it), I stay full so much longer, that I no longer stress about getting hungry between meals.  I used to snack all the time to keep my blood sugars level.  And I did not eat unhealthy before, actually rather healthy, but when you remove ALL sugars, you truly realize how much you depend on them.

After the end of 30 days the idea is to reintroduce foods you stayed away from, to see how they truly effect you.  I know I'll keep eating like this though, more or less.  I have more energy, my rosacea has cleared up significantly (I have tried SOOO many products for it in the past, and now it's like way better than it has been in many years!), my head feels "clear" and I feel just better over all.

If you know what Paleo is, this is very similar, but a bit stricter.
The people behind "whole30" follow Paleo guidelines and have lots of Paleo recipes.

Anyway... That's my latest project!
It's pretty simple, all I have to do is choose what I put in my mouth!