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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Never a dull moment...

Our life is usually pretty busy.
The last few years have been especially so.
As many of you know, we've moved overseas twice and moved twice in addition to that, since summer 2010.
We built a house in Finland, and before that we had a house that was built for us, but that we finished the basement, deck, fence, driveway and yard on. Our first home was a tiny shoe box that we lived in for 3 years that we did some major renovations on, while living in it.
Anyway, with life being so full of constant change, you get a bit addicted to things happening on a regular basis.

This last year included a new baby, a move, hubby starting his own business and lots of snow.
Not sure what the snow had to do with this, but it was worth adding.
I have maintained that "We are not making ANY big decisions or changes for at least another year!".
But between breaths we have of course talked about all sorts of big plans, mostly regarding our next house. We have realized that buying an older house is not worth it where we live now, so we pretty much "have" to build again....
So, since we are fairly crazy and often forget what we just "decided" only a few days ago, we bought a lot!


So yeah, we are building a house!  Chop, chop, here we go again!!  Wish us luck!
I am actually very excited, this will give me something to do, and to blog about ;)

On a side note I'd like to add that our friends that had the apartment fire are doing really well.  The husband has made some remarkable steps forward in the last 24 hours, and we have much reason to Thank God for this.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Luxury problems.

We went on a trip this past weekend.  On Saturday we attended a wedding (it was beautiful!) and I realized that our 7 year old daughter only brought her high top sneakers along for the trip, so no dressy shoes to wear for church.
A luxury problem.
We enjoyed some really warm days during our time away, however, with 10 people in our Suburban, and no AC, we did't enjoy driving a whole lot.
A luxury problem.
I got frustrated upon returning home, to literally freezing temperatures (think, snow in the air).
A luxury problem.

I could go on and on, but you probably get the picture.
Our days are filled with these luxuries.  
"This coffee isn't that great!"
"How did you manage to wreck ANOTHER pair of pants?"
These are things that are a real annoyance at the moment, and I think we wouldn't be human if we never complained or vented for vain reasons.

But what if one morning your whole life was turned upside down between going to bed and sunrise? 
What if a fire caused this change?
What if you lost almost everything you had to this fire?
What if your spouse was in critical condition from hot, toxic smoke inhalation?

I'm not saying we should walk around in fear all day, waiting for something terrible or sad or scary to happen.  That's not a way to live life.  God wants us to be happy and enjoy the life he blessed us with.  But isn't it easy to get caught up in all the little silly things?
Isn't it easy to compare oneself to others in many ways.  They have more of this, they have a nice car, how could they afford that house?  How are they raising their kids?  Why this and why that?
Well, so far I haven't received any medals for doing so great.
I have however been blessed with a lot.  In every aspect of the word.
That's why this terrible fire that changed our dear friends lives in just a few minutes, have been such an important reminder for me.

It is hard to write about this accident, and I sure hope that this dear lady who lost so much will be OK with me writing this.  I know she'll read this at some point and she'll shake her head and think I'm silly for writing this, but I will write it anyway.
This lady IS one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and gentle persons I have ever met.
She is quick to smile, laughs easily, has a fun sense of humor and is liked by everyone that knows her.  I have never heard a bad word spoken about her.  
When I moved to Canada she was one of the people who really helped me feel welcome, always making a point to talk to me.
Now, seeing her in this sad and heavy trial, she is inspiring me again.
I saw her this weekend and she still had her amazing spirit intact.
She happily went through all the bags with donated clothing, amazed by the generosity of her friends.  She felt like it was Christmas!
She told some funny stories and we had some good laughs.  
Her heart is heavy though.  Her traveling companion is in the hospital.  In lots of pain.  My husband and I went there and it hurt to see him in pain, heavily sedated.
It must be so, so hard for her to see him like that.  

Times like these help keep things in perspective.  You realize what matters.  I have had a few trials that affected me like that during my marriage.  When our 3rd daughter was diagnosed with diabetes at age 2, and she barely made it. When I suffered my miscarriage at 20 weeks.
I look back at those times and realize that the pain is still there.  Those days and weeks were hard.  But despite sometimes wishing things would have turned out different, there's a part of me that's so thankful for those trials. Without them I would have never experienced the amazing outpour of love and care.  So many prayers, thoughtful cards, text messages, phone calls, gifts etc, somehow I wouldn't want to have NOT had those trials, since I learned so much from them and in the end they strengthened my faith.

I hope, wish and pray our dear friends, who are now going through such a hard time, one day can look back and say "Despite it all, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way!"

So, today I will try to remind myself to appreciate my health, the sunshine, my lukewarm coffee, sticky floors and loud kids.
Things could truly be harder.  Much, much harder.