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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The longest, coldest winter!!

I can't get over this winter!
Where we live we typically have a few weeks of snow, sometimes barely that.  Some winters it's slush and rain and wind.  This winter??  We got snow in mid December, and it has more or less stayed since then.  The temperature has stayed mostly below (or well below!) freezing.  Still!!  At the end of February!!  This is when spring usually starts to show subtle hints of its arrival...  This year, not so much.
I don't MIND winter.  I actually appreciate living where there are 4 pronounced seasons, but now I am ready for spring!!
Bring it on!!
Maybe the most comical part of this is that where we used to live, in Finland, they've had a record mild winter, with way less snow than usual!
Strange world.

Enough about weather.  I just realized I haven't been on here for a while.
Not tons going on I suppose.
Kids have had/have colds and sniffles.
Hubby has been working out of town, but has also enjoyed some much needed time at home with us!
I have less than 10 weeks left till my estimated due date :)
I still can't believe we are having a brand new baby join us soon, it'll be so much fun, and also a big adjustment.  Mostly in a good way, of course, but it'll "slow us down" a bit, that's for sure.
I've gotten used to the care free life with no diaper bags, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, extra clothing, night feedings, teething babies etc.
I am however looking forward to little tiny newborn snuggles.
To see a little wrinkled face for the first time, to hold that new person for the first time, to smell the sweet smell of a brand new baby.
We are so excited!!
The kids have felt the baby's kicks from the outside of my belly, and we try to figure out a suitable name.

So the main focus right now is prepping for baby.
I have done "some" shopping as well... There are so many things you need for a baby, and well, many things that are "nice to have"!
Over all I am doing well with this growing bump, but slowly I am getting more and more "done" with being out of breath, bulky, clogged sinuses, running to the bathroom non-stop, hungry, and in pain for various reasons.  I know many women have far more difficult pregnancies, and complaining won't change anything.  I am thankful that my body is holding up at this "advanced maternal age" (that's what they call it when you are over 35, and I turned 39 a few weeks ago!!), and I hope and pray that all goes well and that I will be able to carry the baby to full term and have a safe and healthy delivery.
Those things you can't take for granted.

One bonus with this cold winter is that I've stayed comfortable!  Many of our kids are born in the late summer/early fall, and that usually makes for a very miserable summer, feeling overheated and sweaty.

Not too much else going on here, so let the "baby count down" begin!!