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Monday, August 17, 2015

Under Construction...

A  note from my oldest daughter:

I asked my oldest daughter to redesign my blog- update it a little bit. So, in short, this place is going to look a little crazy until she gets things tidied up and looking cute. Stay tuned!

Enya (Oldest Daughter)

Things are moving along...

Here life has been going on in a less than slow manner.
We've been busy with fun stuff though, so no complaints coming from this corner!
The weather has been amazing too, so life has been great!
I have truly enjoyed this summer, and one of the huge perks about this summer is that we didn't MOVE!!
We did start building a house though, but I feel rather chill about it.
It will go the way it goes, at the pace it takes.
Life's too busy for me to get too worked up about it.
I bet having built a few times, under a lot more stressful circumstances, helps too.
I have learned to keep things in perspective.

I told my hubby this morning how excited I am to see what this next year brings.
We know that we are building a house, and I am having lots of fun planning the kitchen, coordinating colours and floors and choosing styles and designs of anything from door handles to roof shingles!
And trying to not get too carried away, but keeping things within a realistic budget.
The footings are done and this week the basement walls will be assembled (we are building the basement out of ICF blocks, in other words, styrofoam blocks with concrete poured inside them. This will provide us with a climate stable and waterproof basement.  The basement will only be about 4 feet below ground level, so we'll fit full size windows in the rooms.

What else??  I travelled down to Windsor/Detroit with 4 of the kids a few weeks ago.  We went for a weekend and visited my sister-in-law who was home alone with their 4 youngest (Hubby's brother's family) and also attended Confirmation at church and visited other friends.  Such a fun trip!!

We have also had my husband's sister with family here for a visit, so we finally got to see their adorable, identical twin girls.
There's nothing like cousins hanging out together, they all had so much fun!
Between our family, her family and hubby's brother's kids, there were 24 kids between ages 11 months (the twins) to 18 (oldest grandkid to my in-laws just turned 18 last week)!!
It's a half time job keeping up with who's where and with who and what they are doing!
So much fun and lots of memories made.

The kids are counting the days till school starts, 22 more days to go!
I am glad they are excited to go back.
Our 3rd daughter will be starting high school, and she's ready to take this next step towards growing up.

I will try to keep up with this blog and share updates regarding our house, it sure will be fun to see our next home take shape! :)