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Monday, March 25, 2013

Day by Day...

My writing cap hasn't been sitting right on my head lately.
There's so much I could write about, but it feels like I'd be sharing my "to do list" if I shared what my life consists of lately, and since that sounds rather drab, I figured I had to wait for inspiration.

I've been cleaning out cupboards and closets and boxes and you name it.
I've sold a bunch of toys at a consignment store as well as donated a lot of STUFF to the Red Cross store.
I LOVE getting rid of things.
It's very liberating.
When we moved here I know I brought way too many things from Canada, but then we had a huge container with both our vehichles in it, so it didn't really matter if some junk came along.
However, whenever we go back now we'll only bring our bare essentials, so a lot of stuff need to go.
Coming here our youngest three were toddlers/babies, so many things we brought for them we don't need anymore. 
Wierd.  I'm selling all of our baby stuff (besides my favourite keepsakes that I just can't part with).
No more highchairs, walkers, pack and plays, baby toys, bouncers, swings etc.
I notice when we go places now how easy it is.
No bottles, pacifires, diapers, baby food, wipes, clothes and so on.
Just get the kids out the door after making sure they use the bathroom, of course.
Even our little guy dresses himself.  I am not as needed any more.
Not in the same way at least.

On Wednesday this week it will be my due-date with Moon (the baby I miscarried at 10 weeks last fall).
I noticed that the moon will be full on the same day... Neat eh??
Thinking of what could have been is a good reminder for me right now.
My life is in high gear and we are working hard to get another overseas move under our belts.
But when I take a moment and let myself dig a bit deeper inside myself, I realize that my heart sometimes is bleeding still.  There are two aching spots for two babies that we never got to meet here on earth.
2 years in a row I was due this week.
It wasn't meant to be, and I am thankful to God for lending me those angels for even such a short time.
Sometimes I miss what could have been.
Especially when I am now in the process of departing with many of the items that were once full of sticky baby faces, laughs, tears and poopy diapers.
It's bittersweet.

My sister-in-law just had a baby a month ago.  We've had all our other babies together.
It's soooo wierd that I'm not there with here.
Sharing in the fun of a new little person.
I can't wait to see her!!

Well... Life goes on and I'm often reminded of how lucky I am in so many ways.
A month ago 2 of my sisters came for a visit!!
That was sooo nice and we had some really special days together.
First came my younger sister with her little baby, he's sooo sweet!!
Then my older sister (who I was the closest to growing up) came.
The two of us hadn't seen each other for almost 8 years!!!
She had never seen 5 of our kids at all!
One of them is her godchild, who is born on the same day as her and carries her name as well.
I am so very thankful that they both made it here
(Thanks again!!)
They spoiled me with good long talks, memories and laughter as well as with food and some things for our house.  Sisters are truly awesome :)  Especially mine!!

What else???  Well. 
In a few weeks we are having an open house, so I pray that God might have someone lined up that likes our house!  We've got a lot of work done around here lately as well, and I've even been able to help Hubby some!  So much fun and also so great to see this place getting its final touches.
Next time I'll post some pictures.
Until then, Happy Easter everyone :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

A step forward...

Here we go again.  A step towards moving overseas is taken.
3 years ago I was busy drawing, designing and planning our new home in Finland.
3 years ago we were also busy getting our home ready to put up for sale.
Our bellies were full of butterflies and excitement about our future.
What was it gonna be like?  Would the move take place?  How would the house that was just lines on a paper, turn out in real life?

Well.  Those questions are now answered.
We sold that house and we moved to Finland.
We have now lived here for almost 3 years (crazy!) and our life has been so fully packed with "life", that our boxes that we soon might be packing, will be full of memories.
I feel such gratitiude that we've had this experience.
5 of our kids will go back with another language. (our 2 youngest understand and speak some as well)
I have learned so much about myself, I would not want to be without those life lessons.
Hubby feels the same way.  We have grown from experiences and trials and maybe we have become a bit more humble and understanding along the way.

With mixed feelings we are now preparing to move back.
When I met my Hubby I knew very little about Canada.
But marrying him and moving there felt like the most natural thing I've ever done.
I lived in Canada for 13 years and had 7 children there.
Canada became home to me, because this great country is our childrens country of birth.
Most of our memories are stored there and most of our milestones and holidays are celebrated there.
Our kids are ready to go back home.
They can't wait to see their friends!!  Our lives will all of a sudden fast forward 3 years when we return!
There's sadness too though.
As I write this my eyes fill with tears.  Even if nothing is set in stone yet, we already know that moving away from here will be sad and hard.
We have gained some preacious friends.  I have gotten to know many of my hubby's relatives.
We have had beautiful times here as well, and I know our future is permanetly marked by us living here for these years.  Mostly in good ways.

What an amazing opportunity it has been for us, and like a dear friend said when we moved from Canada
"They are going on an adventure!"
Yes.  We went on an adventure.
What a gift this is to our kids.  Despite all the work and stress and inconveniences, what a wonderful gift this will be for our kids to cheirsh when they grow up!
Maybe we'll feel split at times, missing people, places and things from here.
But we will also feel blessed and enriched from the many things we learned along the way.

So... .A big step forward is taken.  Yesterday a real estate agent came over, and we listed our house.
This "project" is now for sale.
It's a bit sentimental actually.  I don't easily get attached to things, but this house started in my hubby's and my brain.  Together we spent hours and hours planning and dreaming.
Together we built it.  It's been such a great experience, and at times crazy and overwhelming.
Now it's up for grabs for someone else.
Maybe someone who will live here for many years to come.
Someone who will create memories inside these walls that we built.

I want to leave it all in God's hands.  I want to pray that I accept His plan and that I get strength to understand if His will is not the same as mine.  And I pray that in about 5 months time we'll be back home.

Here are some pictures of our home - for now!

Front of house


Upstairs hallway



Mr. Bedroom


Back of house

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Post Whole30

Wow, I can't believe a whole month just went by!!
A busy month it was.
I completed my Whole30 challenge and I can proudly say I did not cheat!
(It's been over a week since 30 days was over)

So, what did I learn from this experiment?
I definitely feel a lot better, more energized and more "even" in my mood and temper.
I feel like I accomplished something fun that was also educational as well as beneficial for my health.
I have never been known as the person that is good at sticking to something, and I feel like my self esteem got a boost from this as well.  I prooved to myself that I am indeed able to follow through with something when I put my mind to it!!

I feel a bit "smaller", but I take that as an added benefit since losing weight was not my main focus (although a welcomed side effect!)
I did not weigh myself before or after, and I did not take any measurments either.
I figured I'd notice on my clothes if things slimmed down!
I wanted to focus on how eating according to Whole30 benefitted my health instead!

So, here are some of the things I noticed (starting from my head and going down)
-Way less head fog, I feel clearer and more focused
- My sence of smell and taste improved
- My nose stopped being "runny" (I take that as a benefit from not eating dairy)
- I feel "warmer" over all.  I'm usually cold and wear more clothes than the rest of the family, I feel my circulation improved.
- My stomach has been bothering me way less (the first few weeks I was very bloated and tired, but that's part of most detox programs)
- I don't get hungry as often and my bloodsugar swings are pretty much gone.  I used to have major afternoon slumps and relied on constant boosts of coffee and snacks, not now!!
(I drink maybe one cup of black coffee in total per day now, I usually just want a sip or two.  Since coffee is very alkaline it will increase cravings and help sugar grow, so I try to stay off it as much as possible)
- My skin feels cleaner and smoother over all

I feel like I've learned a fair amount about GOOD foods as well.
I am a lot more aware of fuelling myself with foods that acctually nourish me, rather than just fill up my stomach! 
A lot of people find eating healthy to be expensive, but it's way cheaper than eating junky!
Since all high carb foods are full of empty calories that make us crave more of them (and they sure aren't cheap either), we end up eating a lot more!
While when you eat whole and healthy foods, we eat less but still end up staying full longer!
Win-win in other words.

Looking ahead I feel like continue eating like this since I can feel so many benefits from it.
I have had some wheat and dairy and a few bites of sweets after I was done with my 30 days, but I notice how SWEET and fake many things are, that a bite is enough.
Plus my stomach revolts when I treat it poorly, so I rather not eat those things unless there are no other options (like when you eat at somebody elses house).

I am glad that I tried this and I'm happy with the results!
My goal in life is not to live as long as possible, but while I am alive my goal is to feel as healthy as I can!
I will post soon again about my sisters visit here, I've been very busy in the "fun" department :)
Ciao for now