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Friday, May 25, 2012


This is a post in honor of my dear Linds.
She was my sister-in law for a while, but will always remain a "chosen sister" in my life.
She's a tough cookie who has gone trough a lot and a bit more.
5 years ago she started up a small maternity and baby store in Windsor ON, "Bump Maternity Plus Baby" http://www.bumpmaternityonline.com/store/
Her business went well and after a few years she expanded.
The night of her Grand Opening at the new location, her store flooded after one of the huge storms that went through Windsor that summer...
At the time she was living over in Finland, and was temporary in Canada to set up her new place....
The poor gal had to extend her stay to deal with extensive water damage.
Not many months after that, she was dealt an even harder blow.
Her marriage came to an end.
As bystanders we watched this amazing gal get up, over and over again.
Our hearts swelling and our eyes dimmed by tears, we felt pride and pain alongside her.
She kept running, finishing races. ½ marathons and others.
Most importantly, she kept running her own race of life.
Falling and getting up, a bit stronger each time.
She also kept her business running, but not only that, she was awarded a "Business of the Year Award" for Windsor and Essex area.
This girl is going places!!!

This week we are again smiling through tears on this gals behalf.
She's again taking a big leap.
Opening another store!
Following a dream stemming from her days as a student in Ottawa.
Her new store is called "Poppy Paperie and Gifts".
You can read more about it here: http://nowcookingforone.blogspot.com/2012/05/taking-leap.html
I can't even put words on how I feel.
We are so happy for her.
I feel pride and thankfulness, anticipation and hope.
She deserves everything good.
She's loved by so many, and many prayers have carried her along the way.
Good luck dearest Linds.
You are an inspiration.
Can't wait to see your new dream come true!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hi again!!

It's been busy.  Again.  As usual!!
Busy is good thou.
Like the saying goes, "A busy mind is a healthy mind!"
Although at times I think the line between healthy and insane is very fine....
Writing a blog post is at times next to impossible for example.
I'll start one... get interrupted and lose track of my thoughts.
They are pretty scattered anyway so to string anything together into something that make sense can be a challenge!

We had my youngest sister and family staying with us for a nite.
She and I had time to go for a mudsauna with 4 other ladies, fun!!
Her family and mine also went down to the city's harbour and fort and enjoyed ice-cream on a beautiful sunny day.
Summer is coming!
I forgot how wonderfully sweet the warmth of the sun can feel.
It's like winter is finally losing its grip... Yessssssss.

Yesterday one of our cats had 2 kittens.
One died :( but the other one is snuggling with his (we think it's a boy) mom!
Cuteness :)
It's her first kittens, and it amazes me how well she just KNOWS how to care for her little one.
If the kitten makes the tiniest squeek, she's making sure he's ok right away!
The kids are obviously very excited and I guess Hubby and I are too...
It's hard not to be weak for the miracle of life and God's little creations.

Many times lately I've thought of so many things to write about, and then when I sit down my mind goes blank!!
We have a busy summer ahead of us, lots of company coming this way.
Lots of work for Hubby to do, although we really hope he can take a little vacation in July.
The 2 oldest are hoping to go to Sweden for a few weeks, but they have a hard time leaving the cats behind...
Our other cat is due in a few weeks, so more kittens to come!
School will be done 1st weekend in June, and thankfully so!, with the nights being light so late, it's really hard to get the kids to bed at a decent time.
It's light to around 11.30 pm and then the sun rises after only 4 hours or so.
I'll be wide awake at 4.30 am, sunshine streaming in to our bedroom, birds chirping...
It's beautiful but also tiring!  I'd like to get some more sleep!

What else??
I love the green trees and wild flowers and blooming bushes.
I don't love the viper I saw in the grass while taking the little kids for a walk in the woods.

Oh yeah, Hubby and I had a little getaway a few weekends ago.
We drove an hour south to a coastal town where we just enjoyed peace and quiet, food and a visit to the local Maritime Museum.
We have our 15th Anniversary in June, so we wanted to celebrate it by going somewhere.
It wasn't anything super exotic or fancy, but I so enjoyed our little vacation!
A needed break too since Hubby has been working late evenings and most Saturdays.

I guess that's all for now.
When our computer is in a better mood I'll post some pictures of the kitten!!

PS: If you like to check out fun blogs, don't forget our daughter's at

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creme Brulee

So, Creme Brulee´ is one of our favourite desserts.
For quite some time Hubby and I have been keeping our eyes open for the perfect dishes for this lovely treat.  When we finally found them for a reasonable price, we scooped up 10 of them.
Previously Hubby had invested in a blowtorch, to keep handy for when you need to melt the sugar on top of the creme brulee´... (he did use it for starting up fires in our fireplace as well, while I prefer a traditional match stick for that purpose).  Hubby and our little boy think that the torch is majorly cool!
After several months of wanting to make this dish, we finally had all the componets handy to make it possible.
They sell a ready mix in the store that you just need to heat up, pour in to the dishes, chill and serve.
But of course, before serving you need to add the sugar that you need the -"ta-da"- BLOW TORCH for!
This was a few months ago, and I captured the moment...

Sprinkling sugar on top.
We used brown sugar, but when we made them the 2nd time a while back,
we used white sugar, which worked better.

Eager audience waiting for the fire action!

"Stand back citizens, we have here the powerful flame thrower!"
(never mind my dear Hubby's powerful long john's...)

Action.  Melting sugar!!

Action.  Eating the delicious dessert...