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Thursday, December 20, 2012

From Me with Love

Hey!  I'm not sure what happened, but all of a sudden Christmas is like HERE!!
I have not done a whole lot to prep for the big holiday since we won't be at home.
Tomorrow morning we'll be stuffing our gang into our Suburban and drive.
And drive, and drive and drive.
Along dark, snow covered roads.
Watching out for reindeer as we get closer to our destination.
We'll be passing the Arctic Circle and then keep driving a few more hours.
When we finally "get there", my youngest sister and her hubby and 3, impatiently waiting, boys will greet us!

We are all looking forward to this break from everything.
Our last year has been busy.
If I wanted to I could recall many heavy moments, but I way rather cherish the moments we lived that we loved.
And there were many of those!!
Although most of the minutes of each days are "fine", meaning we have everything we need at that moment, we rarely actually appreaciate them.
We take for granted that we have a home to live in, food to eat and reasonable health to keep us going.
But THOSE are the things we SHOULD be thankful for.
Every day.
We have instead the luxury of choosing what moments and days that were MORE than that.
And somehow we measure our happiness in the number of moments we had that were AWESOME!
Or if we are a bit down, we might dwell on all the times that were sad and heavy.
And that's ok.
Real joy and happiness would not exist if we didn't know what hurt, pain and sadness felt like.
To get stuck in the sadness is what we need to be looking out for.

Looking back thou, I need to say that I am so very, very fortunate.
I have had everything I need, every day.
Our kids have been mostly happy and healthy.
There has been work, plenty of work!, and that is sure a blessing.
We have had time to savour great moments, but also spent time dreaming and wondering what our future might bring.
We have prayed for God's guidance in all those matters that we just can't figure out ourselves.
And many times we've been humbled by the things we thought we knew, but God knew different.
Sometimes for what felt the worse, but also for the better.

Lately we've heard of some major tragedies in the news, but also among people we know.
Young people have left this world for a better place.
Terrible sadness and hurt have shaken us to the core.
I can not imagine how those families are holding up, but I know that God will be there for them, if they want him to.
I was thinking that when we get too pushed down and saddened by darkness, all we can do is turn to the light.  I am thankful that I know to do that.
Some people might think I'm foolish, but I know in my heart what that light does for me.
It helps me focus on a greater goal.

I also think a lot about love.
Real love.
Out of all the things here on earth, love is THE only thing we can bring with us when we die.
Hope and Faith won't be needed anymore.
Only love.  Eternally.
I want to teach my kids to love.  Like Jesus did.  I want them to remember why we celebrate Christmas.
Because Love came to earth.
So many people hate and won't forgive.  It's like drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die from it!
You only wreck yourself!!
Jesus tought us different.  He tought us forgiveness and love.
To pray for those who hate you.
So, Let your New Year be full of love and a thankful heart.
And I pray for the same for myself and my family.

                                                                  Merry Christmas and Happy Blessed New Year