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Friday, September 18, 2015

You just never know...

Life is truly good at keeping us on our toes!
This week we got to experience that again, as we are being thrown for a loop.
Tuesday evening Hubby went to play volleyball and when he jumped to spike a ball, he heard a loud pop, followed by him collapsing on the floor.
He called and asked me to pick him up, feeling that he should go see a Dr, since his knee cap was 2 inches above its original location.
I went to pick him up and found him sitting in a wheel chair.
After several hours at ER (I went home to take care of our baby who was running a high fever), I picked him up at 3 in the morning.
He had a brace around his knee and crutches to help him move forward.  It was a fairly big project to get him in to the car!!
His leg has to be kept straight and he has some long legs!!  We did eventually figure out a way to get him in and went home to catch some rest.

Wednesday I got the kids on the bus and asked our oldest daughter to please stay home for the day to help care for baby, since I had to be able to bring Hubby to the hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon.  Baby was still running a high fever (she has roseola), so I really didn't feel like bringing her along.
We saw the surgeon and got confirmed what we had feared, my hubby had broken his knee tendon.

Yesterday (Thursday) he had surgery to have his tendon repaired.
He was able to come home only a few hours later.
Now he has a long recovery ahead of him.  At this point it's easier to say what he CAN do than what he can't.  He's stuck on the couch and fortunately he can work from there!!
The hardest part for him to accept is that he won't be able to work on our house.  The surgeon said the recovery usually takes 6-12 months, so our life will be adjusted in many ways and some of our plans we had, will most likely change.

For now we are thankful that the surgery went well, that he has work he can do while being bedridden, and that he's healthy otherwise.
We need to focus on taking one day at the time and find comfort in knowing that things happen for a reason.

We sure need prayers for strength and patience during this time.