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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's the problem???

Don't we all have bad days at times?  Days when we wonder how our lives turned out the way it did.  Why am I doing this?  Why does he have a better job, a faster car, more money etc? Yes, that's perfectly common and I believe normal.

What I don't get is when young, healthy, able bodied people are complaining about their lives, making it sound like everything is somebody elses fault.
"I hate my job, I get paid crap, nobody understands me, I try to please everybody, but when I turn my back they take advantage of me and leave me in the dust"  Whine whine and more whine.
I think some people need to give their heads a good shake and take a hard look in the mirror.
First of all, if you truly hate your job, why don't you change it???  Can you retrain in something?  Take a course?  Who are you benefitting if your work really suck?  Have you asked your boss if you can make your tasks more interesting or challenging?  How?
Remember, no one will come and thank you for putting up with things you didn't like.
You will not get a medal or great friends along the way.
You'll get bitter, bored, and the people who hang out with you are most likely suffering the same problems.  And you tear each other down, and steal each others energy.

I have a feeling that some people might thrive on complaining.  The job itself is not the true problem.
Of course there are times when we have to hold on to a job in order to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, and maybe going to this job isn't just thrilling fun, but do you ever stop and concider your options?  Good or bad.

If I didn't have this job, would I be better off unemployed? 
Do you ever take a minute and remember what your grandparents did in the past, during the depression, just to keep their families alive?  Are we becoming spoiled with the opportunities of being able to pick and choose?  Think about your boss that hired you, and you feel no gratitude towards that person...  Is that right?

I'm a strong believer in being thankful for what you have, instead of missing what you don't.
In doing things for yourself, not expecting others to serve you.
Rather serve others.

If you are unhappy at work, and just can't do anything to change it at the moment, how can you change your sparetime to make that time more fulfilling?
Do you know elderly who you can help out?  Run errands, mow the lawn, clean their home?
Do you know families with young children that might appreaciate a helping hand?
If you fill your sparetime with helping others, with a smile on your face and without expecting anything back, maybe your life will become fuller, and your job might even become a bit easier to handle?
At least you know that at the end of the day there might be somebody waiting for you to show up, to help them out.

We all have one life to live, and we choose ourselves how this time is spent.
You can not blame others for how things turned out.
Some people have gone through some really hard times, because of how others have treated them, but at some time we all need to realize that
"I am me now.  My happiness is my own matter.  What's past is past, what is done is done, but now I will surround myself with people who give me good energy, who are positive, and I myself am going to try to be my own best friend."
If you like who you are, and feel that you'd be your own friend, then being alone and being bored isn't so bad, at least you are in good company!!

When you point fingers and say
"I trusted that person, and he or she failed me, I'll never forgive them!",
you become bitter and full of hatered, and the only person that you truly wreck is yourself.
People will turn their backs, because you are stealing their energy.
And if you're not happy with yourself, why would others be?
You need to love yourself in order to be loved, and being able to love others.
This is not cliche', this is truly how it is.

"A bitter person was never thankful, and a thankful person was never bitter"
Good words to live by.
Even if we have days that feel less than good or fun, at least when we carry a thankful heart, we can go to bed feeling content with how life is, good and bad, and if we feel a need to change, we know the ball is in our own court!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Gold Nuggets

After a busy summer, including house building, moving in to that house, continuing working on it, getting pregnant, having a bunch of visitors...  I feel like I finally have time to catch my breath.  Lately the Dr. appointments have been back to back, and there are many more to attend in the next month.  Several kids need checkups, 6 kids need to see dentist (for regular checkups and for more advanced stuff).  I'm looking forward to having one of my wisedom teeth pulled in the next few weeks.  Not.  But it needs to get done.  I need to have them all pulled, but they'll start with one for now.  Then I have to go to my checkups... well, you get the picture.

Besides all those "not so fun" appointments, life is good.
And I know we could be going to the Dr's for far worse reasons, so I'm thankful that we are only doing the regular "are we doing OK" stuff.
Soon (maybe today!) I need to pull out our boxes with hats and mitts.  Crazy.  Didn't we just put those away??  This morning it was only 5 degrees C (about 40F), but the sky is clear and the sun is shining, so it should warm up fairly fast.  The trees are changing outfits, and for each passing day, their gowns are getting more and more elaborate.  Fall is so pretty!

What else?  I just realized again how much I'm thankful and happy for. 
I dreamed that we had another boy, and he looked just like our 1st one!  It makes me want a "little brother" for the kids even more...  I'm getting more and more excited about the new baby coming, and soon I'll start going through all the old baby clothes, girls and boys, and then I'll really get in the "new baby mood"!
A little girl would be fun too, but for our only son I wish for a boy.  Don't you think he "needs" a brother?

I've been very thankful (again!) for my wonderful Hubby.  He really truly is an amazing man.  Sometimes the kids wish he wasn't so "dadish", but in a household full of women, I'm thankful that he's a "real guy".  Blunt and clueless at times, but also willing to go back and give hugs and say sorry when need be.  (I need to say sorry a lot more than him...)  He's not one to bicker or fight, and every day he's my friend in everything.  There are so many "little" things he does, for me and for many others, that add up, and I don't think he realizes it.  He doesn't complain, ever!!, and that to me is very manly!  Whiny guys is like nails on a chalkboard.  Not that you can't say "Wow, today was rough!".  But guys that whine, and try to sound like "See what I have to deal with?, but of course I can handle everything, I just have to suffer through this", makes me shiver, in a bad way.
So yeah.
Thank you again for being who you are, I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Pretty fall trees.  A new baby coming.  A new house to make our home.  A wonderful Hubby.  Lots of kids to love and laugh and learn with.  Those are all gold nuggets in my life.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, again!!

Today we again celebrate one of our kiddos.  This time it's our 6th daughter who's turning 4! 
This little girl has something about her that make people notice her, even when she's not seeking out attention.  She's sweet and funny and most days she says things that have us all laugh our heads off!  Kids that age are like that, but you never get too much of it, it just keeps being cute and funny!
She really, really knows what she wants, and she makes sure to get it, pretty much all of the time.  Her poor, somewhat older, sister has to give in a lot...  At the same time she is really caring about her little brother, so I guess it evens out.

One of her little "things" she does is to giggle at just about anything.  She can be sitting by herself, playing quietly, when a slow giggle starts to build up inside her, and before you know it, she's laughing out loud, by herself, at something funny she did or thought about!

My pregnancy with her was NOT enjoyable.  At all.  I had the most morning sickness (lasted for 16 weeks), then my veins on my legs started to bug me, as my belly started to grow really fast!  At 5 months along many people started to ask if I was due soon.  I felt like saying, "Yes, I'm really due - to pop your head off!!"  I had to have extra checkups and ultrasounds and labwork.  They thought I was having twins for a while!  Turns out I "just" had a lot of amniotic fluid, no explanation to why this happened.  (there are several theories to why this can take place, but they did not fit me)  So, during one of Windsor's hottest summers on record (you can look it up if you want), I was measuring as if I was pregnant with twins, but I wasn't...
I had a very active toddler to chase, and... yeah.  I got pretty swollen and very uncomfortable before I finally was able to have this little girl.  My Dr. saw an induction to be my safest choice, since things could turn pretty risky if the water broke at home.  So 8 days before due, I went to the hospital to welcome our 6th girl.  (we knew what we were having, I had so many ultrasounds with her so it would have been very hard not to find out!)
The Dr broke my water, and they had to use a hose in my bed to suck it up.  After they had got a lot of the fluid out, my belly had literally lost half its size!  My Dr. claimed that he'd never seen that much amniotic fluid from one lady in 23 years!!  I believed him...
Our little girl made a safe arrival, but had to stay in NICU for the 1st night for observation.  She was fine, and screamed the loudest by far among all the preemies... (she was 8 lbs, and some of her roommates were probably a 10th of that!!)
The next day when I got to have her with me, I was holding my newest miracle, and thought "They are such a joy!", and then I knew that Joy would be her middlename (we hadn't decided on one yet).
And a joy she has been! 

Happy Birthday to a special girl, who makes our lives even more worth living!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today millions of people around the world remember that dreadful day 10 years ago.  I remember that too.  Looking back I hope we all focus on what made us stronger, and not what others tried to ruin for us and make us weak and scared.  May God bless and keep us all safe from evil, and may we first of all remember to take care of ourselves and the ones who are dear to us.

This day, 12 years ago, a miracle happened.  We became parents for the 2nd time when our 2nd daughter was born.  This little lady was 9 days over due, just like our 1st one, and she made sure to make the hot summer feel even hotter for me... When she finally decided to announce her arrival, she came in a hurry!  From sitting at my brother-in-laws house, eating burgers, at 5pm, till us calling back to them from the hospital to share the latest family news, was less than 4 hours!!
This little lady made sure to keep us in line.  She refused bottles, so I had to feed her every 2 hours, around the clock, for her 1st year of life!! 

When our 1st born was a toddler, she "followed the rules of the book".  She was increadibly busy, but she would listen to me explaining, and usually be pretty obedient to what I said.  I thougth this parenting thing was falling into place quite nicely.
Well.  Let me just say that #2 proved me wrong!!  What ever worked with our 1st one, did NOT work the 2nd time around.  She'd throw fits and scream like the best.  She was the kind of kid that made you leave the shopping cart mid-isle, and walk to the car...  trying to make yourself look as descreet and small as possible.

I remember one night when she was right around 4 years old, and we had a newborn baby, an almost 2year old, and the oldest being 5½ half.  I had said the prayers at night, and my little girl had finally settled down after an unusually trying day.  I cried.  I felt that I did not have what it took to be a good mom to this little girl.  I sent a deep sigh, and a sincere prayer, that God would please give me strength.
After that day we saw a slow change.  We got her a hamster that she loved with all her heart, I need to tell you that she does have a huge, loving heart, for anything living.  As a 2-3 year old she'd collect bugs and worms and play with them.  Toads and frogs have been her pets.  Any dog anywhere was her friend to play with, to her mom's great fear at times!!  She'd follow any stranger anywhere, as long as they were attached to a dog!!
As the months went by... I one day realized "That difficult girl was gone!!"  In her place we got a really, really sweet gal, with a temper intact, and puppy-dog-eyes that could get her pretty much anything (but a horse).

She's still sweet and loving, and looking back I know that God has helped me along the way.  Every child you are given teaches you something, she sure tought me a fair scoop of patience!  She also is my voice of reasoning many times, helping me to see things from a fair point of view.
The other night she told me how everyone has some weakness that they struggle with, and as an example she mentioned how one of her sisters can be very slow at times (this is a known fact), then she mentioned a few other examples that were right on, after that she very diplomatically told me "And you mamma, you have to work on not being so hard on yourself!, I can see how you put yourself down sometimes, and you shouldn't do that!, you are a good mom, and we love you, please try to work on that!"

I tell yah, kids are so smart.  Little angels sent to us, to keep an eye open for us, to help us along the way....
Dear 12 year old!  We love you so much. Don't change. Keep your sweetness intact, keep loving this beautiful nature and all its animals!  Thank you for your wisedom and love.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congrats, you just won another 2 weeks of pregnancy!!

Hm.  I went for my 1st ultrasound yesterday.  Based on all the facts, I SHOULD be almost 12 weeks along now.  I have felt that this is the right number of weeks, and my body sure has felt and acted its part.  But what do I know, right??  According to my ultrasound, the nice technician informed me that "Hmmm, this baby is only measuring 9 weeks 5 days", so 2 weeks less than I had figured.

What???  I don't get it.  It does not make sense.  I'm not going to share any details, but the whole thing is rather strange and confusing.  I have had 7 kids, and many ultrasounds, and they have all been within 5 days of my estimated date...  Now this.
You might think, "Who cares? a few weeks more or less?"  Well, I DO care.  Now we are having an April baby instead of a March baby.  It makes it sound like a whole month later!!  (even if the date "just" moved from March 20th to April 4th.)  Now I have to do week 10 to 12 all over again!! 

My oldest daughter is not impressed either.  She has been over the moon about the fact that I'm expecting a baby within 2 days of her birthday, and now that will most likely not happen...  My dear hubby does turn the big 4-0 in April thou, so Happy B-Day Big Guy!  This one is for you :) 

Well.  There.  Now I got to gripe abou that a bit.  Now I'm hoping that the baby will surprise me and come "early", actually meaning, that my own duedate was the right one all along...