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Friday, August 5, 2011

Visitors, Birthday and Getting organized

Today our overseas visitors left to head back home.  It's with sad hearts we saw them leave, but with happy memories sharing the space.  We had such a great time together, and got to do many fun things.  Our 2nd oldest and her BFF had a packed schedule, including shopping, swimming in the lake, taking saunas, picking berries, visiting with friends, going through an obstacle course and last but not least, the highlight of the trip, "Horsebackriding!!"  They even got to try galloping a bit!  After a few hours on the horsebacks, they came home with huge smiles on their faces.  I'm so happy everything went so well, and now we wish them a safe trip back home to Michigan!  A special thank you to BFF's aunt who made this trip possible.  It was a pleasure to have you here, and our door will always remain open for you!  Thanks for all the help as well, our Little Guy talked about you this morning!  We will miss you both for a long time!

Our 4th girl turned 8!!!
Happy B-day dear "S"!!  I'm looking back to the day you were born, and I still marvel over the fact that you decided to enter this world 10 days early, and not the same amount of days past due, like your older sisters did!!  This made my pregnancy 3 weeks shorter, and I'm still thankful for that.  My water broke at midnight, after an evening spent with lots of friends over at our house.  I had seen my Dr the same day, and he figured this baby would follow my previous babies patteren, so he was pretty surprised to see me in the hospital hall about 12 hours after my appointment!!  At 6.13 am our 4th little girl was born, weighing 6.13!!  She was born on my older sisters 30th birthday, so we named her after my sister.  This new addition was a quiet and content little soul, and that sure made our lives easier when our 3rd daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, only 3 months after our baby's birth.  Our lives became increadibly busy, it felt like we had twins!!

The 1st year of #4's life is a blur to me, but from all the pictures we have saved, I can see "S" smiling, looking content and happy.  She could sit, or lay, and play with toys for long stretches, this I do remember, since she was our 1st baby to do that!  By 10 months she still didn't show any interest in crawling or walking, so I figured she'd be a bit later than average, but soon I discovered that when this lady puts her mind to something, she gets stuff done!!!  So shortly after her 1st birthday she was walking.
She was the same way when it was time to learn how to talk.  At 21 months she didn't say much, but by 2 years old, she spoke in scentences!!  And that's the way she is.  She's not in a hurry to be 1st, but when she wants to do or learn something, she gets the job done fast!  We love having her as a part of our loud gang, just like all the rest of them, and I wish her a blessed year as an 8 year old!  We all love you so much! xoxo

What else??  Well, this house is getting more and more livable for each day.  My hubby and I have both been busy cleaning and organizing.  Today I'm tackling some windows in the foyer, there are 8 of them, but they are tall and skinny so they go pretty fast.  I WILL get a camera soon.... then I'll post some pictures. Here are a few that our visitor downloaded on our computer....

BFF's in the woods

A beautiful evening spent at our friends cottage.  Swimming, sauna and good food.

Making a birthday cake!

Pink marzipane for the birthday girl!
(Good job big sister who made the cake!)

Obstacle course

This is high up in the air!

Our lovely kitchen (messy as usual...)


Horseback riding!


Lulu and Ruby said...

ah happy birthday S - I remember that night well!! ;) House looks great - can't wait to see more pics. Hope summer isn't flying by as fast there as it is here - hugs to all the kiddos and to you & T xo

MeWoman said...

Oh, I bet you'll never forget her b-day!! you coming over in the middle of the nite to babysit... he, he ;) the summer went swoosh, and I'm afraid to say that last nites trip to the beach might have been one of the last ones for this year... :( school starts in 11 days here! (they ended june 4th) xoxo from us all back to you. ps: marimekko is on the way!!