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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some house pictures

I got a camera, and I took some pictures, that I will now share with you! :)

Our fireplace in the kitchen

Cool power tower for the island!

View of kitchen...

Also kitchen....

Looking upstairs from our dining area

From hallway, looking in to the livingroom,
the windows on the wall up on the right are located in our MrBedroom

Standing by the glassrailing upstairs, looking down...

There, there's a bit.  We have some trimwork and other finishing touches to stay busy with,
but we already like our new home a lot!
As things get more done, I'll post more pictures!


mamman said...

Blogger hates me - I can never leave comments! But anyway - here's trying AGAIN...
Loving lots in your house - can't wait to see in real life.

mamman said...

(Wooow! it worked!)