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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to school!

1st day of school here in our town.
The 4 oldest happily hopped in the car this morning for their drive to their bilingual school. (Finnish/English)
It felt good to see them all happy and excited about going.  Excited about seeing their friends again after a busy summer. Our oldest is starting 7th grade, meaning she's going to a different school for kids grade 7 to 9.  It's smart to keep those ages separate from the rest of the world, I think (age 13 to 16), as this might be some of the hardest years in a kids life.  She'll be with all the same kids from her old class, so everything isn't new, but many things will be different, and some new subjects will be added to her schedule.  Good luck #1, you get to try everything 1st!! 

A year ago they were a lot more nervous going to a new school in a new country for the 1st time.  Now they know a lot more of the language, they have friends and things have become familiar.  My hubby stuck around for a bit when he dropped them off, to see if anyone needed help finding their way, but after a few minutes he realized he had been left in the dust as the 4 of them all went on their merry way!

Good luck to all of you!  Have a great 2nd year of school in this new country of ours...

For the 3 at home I have some plans too.  Our youngest will be at home with me for now, he's not even 2 and I can't imagine leaving him with some stranger :( but for the 2 girls, who are 5½ and almost 4, I really feel they need to learn Finnish.  And it won't come from me!!  So, we have signed them up for ½ days, alternating 2 or 3 days a week, starting in a month or so, at a daycare nearby!  They are very excited, and I'm excited for them!  1st time for both of them to do anything away from home and mom!  At their ages I bet they'll catch on fast with the language, which will make it so much easier for them to get to know new friends in various situations!  (and then they can teach me a word or two!!)  Good luck to them as well!

Hubby is keeping busy around our house, trying to get the outside done, as well as some attic stuff.  He's also working with his brothers, and they have many things going on, so he won't be bored any time soon!!
Little Guy LOVES being outside with my husband, watching him work.  How can a dad get any cooler than working with loud tools, climbing on ladders and building things with his hands? 

So what am I doing??  The same as usual.  Keeping the fort down.  Making sure everything is in order at home and at school.  I'm getting more and more boxes out of the way, and soon I can get started on the boxes that we haven't touched since moving overseas last year!  I bet a lot will end up in my donation stash, as I after a year in an apartment have come to realize how little you need to "survive"!  Of course there are many neat things I will want to keep as well, so it might be kind of fun going through it all!  A trip to IKEA is definitely a must. I need more bookshelves and cabinets in order for me to properly organize anything from outdoor clothes, games and books and art stuff as well as our nice china... What else?  I'm considering continuing Finn class in the fall, but we'll see how it fits in with our busy schedule!!

Well, I did get a new camera too btw, so soon I'll post some more pictures as well!  Tudelu till then!

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