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Monday, August 22, 2011

Announcing the latest family news!!

So folks, we have an announcement to make.  I had planned to wait maybe a few more weeks, but we told the kids yesterday (I haven't seen them that excited for a while!!), so we might as well make it public.
If all goes well we are looking forward to Welcome a new family member around March 20th!
Meaning I'm about 10 weeks pregnant.

This also means that Big Guy and I will be parents of 8 children!!  Wow.  I've gotten used to 7, but 8 sounds like a lot of kids!!  I guess 7 isn't far behind (duh!!), but when you hear the new number of kids, I guess you kind of realize that "Wow, we have a big gang going on here!"

The kids are so, so happy and excited.  Our two oldest have been literally nagging for another baby lately, and it's been hard to keep quiet...  I found out (the 7th test finally dclared it, blue line of white background, what I had suspected for a week or so back at the end of July)  the morning after moving in to our house.  Of course Hubby is over the moon, he gets all proud when I'm pregnant.  "I did it again!!"  I wasn't as excited to be honest...  This last year has been so busy, with so many changes, and after JUST moving in to our house, I really felt that some "down time" was a good idea.  But not.  I guess I'm tougher than I give myself credid for??
I am excited now thou, and despite being tired, I feel really good, gaining weight at a fast pace.  Yohoo!! 

I guess we are all crossing our fingers for a little brother for our only boy, but whoever is inside there will be very very welcome in to this big loud bunch!  A new connection to our new country.  I'm a bit nervous about upcoming check-ups etc, realizing that my Finn is still very limited in many situations...  I always had such great care back in Canada, and with our 3 youngest I had the privilage to have them at the brand new, beautiful maternity floor at the local hospital.  So far I've been happy with the health care here too, but I was a veteran in Canada, having 7 babies there, so well, I guess I'll just wait and see!!  Anyway... I guess this will give me new blog material this fall and winter!!  I'll keep you posted!


Sofia L said...

Congrats here too! ;) Yup, excited to see if there's a li'l bro for Trisse. Would be cool.

SiriusMusta said...

Åh, så roligt, gratulerar! Hoppas allt går bra :)

MeWoman said...

Thanks, Tack!

Kultakutri said...

Gratulerar! Va kul! :):)