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Friday, May 6, 2011

Barney got it right!

"A Thankful heart is a happy heart, be glad for what you have - it's an easy way to start!"

This familiar kid's song comes to my mind on a regular basis, because it's so true!!
If you really are thankful for what you DO have, it sure saves us from a lot of aggrevation wishing for what we don't
It's so easy to "compare up the ladder", meaning, we compare what we have (or don't) to those that seeminly have MORE!  I like to "compare down"...  and again and again realize how much I have! 
I have a pretty impatient nature, and I'm not too keen on waiting on anything.  Take a clean house for example.  Well, in a family of 9 that is a continous struggle. so when I feel stressed and frustrated about the chaos, and wish that I had a magic wand that would make all the kids disappear (just for like an hour or so), so that I could clean undisturbed.... I have to stop and ask myself "Why is it so important?  IF everything really was in it's right place, all projects taken care of, closets organized etc etc... then WHAT??"  What is it that I want to accomplish?  What goal am I reaching for? And why?  To have a clean house really does matter to me, so I know that in the end, I will feel happier from that, although I have to learn to sit down and ignore the mess and just BE sometimes... My dear Hubby is good at reminding me about this. "Just relax!, then we can all clean up, and it doesn't take that long anyway!"  He's of course right... but I can be stubborn...

So how does this relate to being happy with what you have?
Well, if you are always struggling to get to the next step up, and never stop and look behind and enjoy the view - so far!, what's the point of the climb?
I used to care a lot more about what "others might think".
What a waste of time!!!  As long as I am not rude, ignorant or impolite to others, what do I owe them??
What if my standards are not the same as theirs?  What if they are happy with less?  How can somebody else dictate what's best for anybody else than themselves?

If there were no guidelines around the world for what the "norm" is... Then how would the world look?  I think most of us would be happy with a lot less!  And rather spend the extra time with our loved ones, than chasing the opportunity of making an extra dollar.  But because media pushes us to believe that we indeed "need" the latest gadget, a bigger this and a smaller that... We think that we  have to live up to that expectation, and get cought up in the race. 
"The one who has the most stuff when he dies wins!" - attiude.
Makes me kind of sickish to think about actually.
I realize that different people also have very different views on what's "the basics" in life.  And many many grownups these days walk around with a "I deserve this" attitude.  Passing it along to their kids.
It has to be the latest and greatest and highest quality... and then when they have it, they somehow think that these items make them "more" than others!!! 

If you really had to face the option to lose either all your money and stuff or your loved ones... I sure hope this would be a very easy choice.  So why do so many people act  the opposite way?
"When I have made this much money, and got to this or that status level, THEN I'm gonna take my family on the vacation of their lifetime!"  Why???
Did you ask your kids if this is what they want?  What if you turn around one day and realize that "Oh! They are all grown up and I don't even know them..."

"Be glad for what you have, it's an easy way to start!"

PS: One more thing... Many people keep wishing that they were somebody else, or had somebody elses life, but when it really really comes down to it, most of us would end up choosing our own shoes after all...


Lulu and Ruby said...

very true - you have to enjoy the journey! and you have to be happy with what is true in life like the people that you share it with and the lives that you shape. xo

Sofia L said...

Soooo totally agree! Thanks sis. I sure need your blog! Helps me a lot. :)

MeWoman said...

Glad to hear you like it. This is a reminder for me as much as everybody else, it's so easy to get caught up in the temporary things in life. To be glad for what you have, makes for a more enjoyable journey!!