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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ta-Daaa!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of pictures....

On one of the first really warm days in April, we stopped by at the house and enjoyed the first ice-cream outside of the year!  Still huge piles of snow everywhere, still snowgear, but ice-cream it is!
Here are the girls lined up on some random pile of material, and Big Guy and Little Guy hanging out on the left!

At the toystore Little Guy found a cool ride!

Upstairs at our house! The halfwall will follow the stairway, (stairs coming up on the side you see)
and then to the right of the stairs will be an opening cut out (where all the construcion stuff is laying in the picture).  Joining the halfwall in a 90 degree angle, coming towards you, will be a glass railing.

View from the other side.  Looking down the hallway, the opening will be to your left.

I'll try to keep the pictures coming, but sometimes we'll take pictures, and by the time I remember to download them, the house is at a new stage...
The fireplace is almost done, so I'll get some shots of that and post them soon.........


Sofia L said...

Yup! Keep 'em coming. And Trisse is CUTE!

MeWoman said...

Agreed. He IS cute.