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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We have just celebrated a beautiful Easter here.  Our first in Finland!  It's neat to reach all the Holidays and milestones in a new country.  For the record I can also mention, that today is our 10 months "Anniversary" here as well!!  Crazy how fast that went!
The spring weather here has been amazing, I can't get over how much SUN there is!  This weekend the temperature rised as well, and wearing a t-shirt (outside) was an option!  The kids faces are becoming pleasently freckled, and if I let them, they'd stay outside till midnite...  The days are getting really long, the sun is up between 4 and 5 am sometime, and it's still somewhat light at 10 pm!  And it's only gonna get lighter!  I like. 

For me it's very sentimental to see how the nature is showing all the signs of spring.  These are the flowers and plants and trees I grew up with!!  I didn't think this would matter so much to me, but it does!  Our house is located close to the woods, and we've been taking some walks on the trail with the kids.  I LOVE it.  I don't know how anybody would not like to walk in these green forests (it's mostly pines and other evergreens providing the "greenness"), that smell so amazing!  I played a lot in the woods as a kid, and it makes me all giddy when I see the same love for the nature in our kids faces.  We found these little eatable plants, and the kids quickly became busy finding as many as they could.  Even Little Guy liked them! 
The kids remember picking blueberries and wild strawberries last summer, and are now looking forward to doing that again this year.  I tought them to thread them on straws, to create their own little "berry kebab"!! 

Only one more month of school here, and then we are hoping to enjoy our 1st real summer in Finland!  Last year was kind of chopped up and stressful, but this year we should be able to relax a bit more.  We are also looking forward to some overseas visitors! (our 2nd oldest daughter's best friend is coming w. her great aunt!)  It will be fun to show them around here and let them see how well we are doing.  I'm saying so with a happy, thankful heart.  Yesterday my husband's great uncle asked me how I liked it here, and before I had time to answer, another man said: "Good, she smiles all the time!" I guess he's right!


Helene said...

Angående bärplockning: igår efter skolan frågade L mig: "Mamma, får jag gå och plocka lingon i skogen?" "Nä, det finns inga nu på våren, du får vänta till hösten." "Jo, jag har sett att det finns kvar under snön!!" Han fick ändå inte, stackars pojk...

Sofia L said...

Waaaaaaah! Okay, this started me BAWLING!! For real!!! Being all sentimental about childhood days in Getinge and Skåne. Yeah, I sure miss those days, and how green everything was.
Whenever someone says the word "wild strawberries" it brings back memories of Maltseröd!!! "Jag plockar smultron vid vägens kant..." That's ALWAYS summer to me. Oh, cant wait to get down south!!!! :)