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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

along came a boy....

For those that don't know, or forgot, I am a mother of 6 girls and 1 boy.  In that order.  Our Little Guy is 17 months old now, and rules the household with a chubby fist.  I thought I should "dedicate" this post to the smaller man in my life.  (The Big Guy deserves his day in the limelight too, but not today!)  I bet some of you are curious to hear some about our Little Guy, and my feelings about mothering a boy!  Well 1st of all.  Yes.  Boys are different.  Before Little Guy made his debut into this world, I often heard "Wait till you have a boy!!" As if having 6 girls was somehow a quiet walk on some far off beach... Sun setting in the west, and beautiful birds soaring the night sky.  Well.  It's not.  I also heard stuff like  "I rather have girls when they are small, and boys when they are teens" (small girls = easy, big boys = easy)  I have dissed this too.  My oldest sister has 7 boys, no girls, and 5 of them are in their teens now, and she went gray over nite... 

I don't think one answer fits all.  I have heard moms that have large families, with lots of boys and girls, saying opposite things of each other.  "Oh, you are in for it with all those girls!", or "Oh, be glad you had 6 girls and not 6 boys!"
Well.  Now we have 1 boy. 
And he's just about the cutest, sweetets thing alive.
He's the Prince allrite, with his 6 maids attending his every need, and then some.
His mom and dad are still in awe that he actually came about!
When he was born the whole delivery room erupted in "IT'S A BOOOY!" (we had kept the gender a secret)
I said, "Are you SURE???"
Judging by the expression on my hubby's face, I was sure....
Awww..... He had a little buddy!
(My hubby is very, very weak for his daughters, and I have to be the main diciplinarian most of the times, he
takes them fishing and all sorts of stuff, but having a male sidekick, well.... do I need to say more??)
Big Guy actually sent out a birthannouncement the night of Little Guy's birth!  Via email.  Stating that Little Guy was born into this world, smelling like motoroil. looking for his fishing rod....
I was stunned that he had taken the time to figure out how to download pictures from the camera, and get this email out!  The boy factor had something to do with it.....

Pretty soon our pink house, started to take on a blueish hue.  I jokingly said that nothing pink could touch Little Guy!  One day when he was laying in the living room, looking around, his 3 ½ year old sister figured he was looking for his fishingrod!  (she had heard about her dad's comment in his email...)
Guess if the girls were excited spreading the latest family news to their friends?  Soon the whole school had heard about the amazing happening!  We got gifts from people we barely knew!  Funny!

Well.  Little Guys 1st year went by fast.  From the get go he ate like a bear, and soon enough he started to resemble one!  At 4 months old he was as heavy as one of his sisters had been at a year!  And he kept the trend going, up to about 8-9 months of age, after that he is more "average" on the scale.  He would ONLY nurse.  No bottles.  No baby foods.  Only mom.  It was pretty convenient when we moved that he was fine with me only.  Now at 17 months thou....  He's doing better in the food department, and he's trying quite a few food options, but mom is still the best...

He's starting to speak, and he hums the tunes to a few songs (he's starting to add made up words to the tunes too).  At about 11 months he said "Tractor".  Not Barbie or doll or stroller. Tractor.  Loud and clear.  This made me realize that no matter what you do, (remember this guy had almost only girl stuff surrounding him from birth on!!), kids act their gender.  Some people claim that if you serve them traditional girl and boy toys to both gender, all kids will play with all toys.  True.  To a certain extend.  My girls have all played with dinky cars, build train tracks and they all love Legos.  Their attention span with these things pale in comparison to the amount of time they can spend on their dolls and Polly Pockets.  Little Guy on the other hand loves stuffed animals, and really hugs his favourite teddies and such, but the 1st thing he gets each morning is his hockey stick!  (Big Guy bought it for him, it's a mini wooden one)  The level of interest he instinctivly has in all my hubby's stuff is almost comical!!!  His fishingrods that are 3 times the length of Little Guy, has been going through a lot of abuse lately.  He wakes up making car noises, and holds an imaginary car in his hand that zooms through the air.  This started when he was 10 months old.  He goes and gets forks in the kitchen, that he fixes his ride-on cars with.  The list goes on.  He has a ton of sound effects for everything. 

I was at Finn class one evening, and coming home I found him wearing my night tanktop around his neck, while playing hockey...

"Plaid shirts aginst plaid shirts!!" Little Guy at 15 months,(he had just started walking a few weeks before!) joining some cousins for a game of hockey.

Brrrrmmm brrrmmmm.....

Chillaxing like a guy!

Today we went to K-Rauta (think: Home Depot), to order our fire place.  Little Guy LOVES that store.  He went and opened all the doors to all the sauna ovens, then shut them. "Shut", he'd say as he walked down the row of ovens.  The forklift was a major deal.  He's just pumped walking around in there.
Home Depot to our girls used to be as exciting as a dead cat on the road.

So.  What's the conclusion???  Well.  Our girls have done many similar things to him. Several of them have been WAY more active and "wild".  We had one that LOVED "motorbikels".  She'd stop dead in her tracks when she heard one, and look at them in awe.  Another loved semitrucks, and used various pointy objects to "fix" stuff around the house.  Litte Guy can be found pushing dolls in strollers.  But somehow... it's different!!  He's a little man.  He loves his mom in a different way.  And he looks up to his dad in a different way.  I love the fact that we have a little guy doing his little guy things.  He has not been harder or easier than the girls.  Yes, he throws everything.  Especially when he gets mad.  At times he seems a bit harsher on his toys, but he's also stronger than the girls, so that explains it.  He throws fits like his sisters, he hugs like his sisters...  We are still at the learning stages of having a boy, but no matter what the future brings, he's worth every bit of it!!!

Like my mother-in-law says "They are just different!"
(she has 6 boys and one girl btw!!)
And I agree!

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