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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Life

Lately we've got a lot done at our house, mainly thanks to us having 2 vehicles on the road again.  Feels good.  For the last 5 months we've only used our family vehicle, our 1997 Suburban, since my hubby's ride is not that great in the winter on these roads.  (he could have gotten winter tires for it, but we already had to get some for the Suburban, and they sure weren't free, so a 2nd round wasn't an option this winter).  So anyway.  With only one vehicle, Big Guy would have to drop off and pick up the girls at school evey day.  (normally he'd drop them off and I'd pick them up)  Their school is about 10 km. drive away, they have the option of taking the city bus, the school would cover the cost, but then they'd have to 1st go downtown, switch buses and then continue to school (they'd have to leave from home at 6.45). So we settled for us driving them.

A week ago the roads were finally bare enough for my hubby to start driving his car again!  Great for me to have my vehicle back!  This also means Big Guy putting in longer hours on the house, since his days used to be chopped up from him bringing the kids.  But.... of course, our reliable "Superbunny" had to catch something.... So for the moment, we are down to one ride again.  In which only half the famliy fits.  SO, back to square one.  This means hubby's workdays are cut short again.... He'll have to go back in the evenings to work on the house, and I know where I'll be!  Here.  Where I've been for the past 5 months. 
Small problems to deal with.  I know.  But just sort of ironic too....
We are hoping to get the family vehicle fixed soon.... So wish us luck on that one!!

The saying is "Easy come easy go".  Well.  We usually have more than one stumbling block on our road, but I try to focus on the things that went well in the past, although I'm fully aware of many, many things that didn't always go our way.  And that's OK.  In the end we'll appreaciate the goal even more because of the little struggles along the way.  And maybe even gain a bit of patience...  You never know!!!

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