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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gold Nuggets

Well.  After rain comes sun.  Also this time.

3 things that make me happy right now is:

1.Suburban is on the road again!  Yes.  Makes our life so much easier.

2.The spring here is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Where we had a foot of snow just 10 days ago, are now blooming crocuses in it's place!!!  WOW!  The sun is so warm, and the evenings are long and sunny.  YUM!

3. Today I picked up our 4 oldest after school, and because the weather is so juicy, we decided to bring an icy treat for Big Guy, (he's doing some dusty, dingy work right now, insulating between the 2 floors... yukk, yukk and tripel yukk!, getting covered in that yellow insulation stuff....)  So we got some Mars Icecream bars and some Juicy ones as well, then we all sat in the sun slurping them as fast as we could!

Life is great.

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Sofia L said...

Oh that sounds great! First outdoor ice cream of the season... always something extra! :)