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Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's not funny!!!

What's humor?  I guess it can be many things.  Many times humor is associated with poking fun of someone or something.  As long as both parties laugh and "get it", it's funny.  There's a lot of "so called" humor that I don't find funny.  When you look down at others, and belittle someone who's not at "brilliant" as yourself. 
If one person is feeling worse, how is it funny? 

Kids have humor from the get go.  They smile and laugh already as babies.  A smile I believe is also their way of responding to your love and care.  A way of saying Thank you!  This continues throughout life.  When is a real smile not nice?  Smile, and the world will smile with you!  Right?  Laugh at yourself, and I bet the world will laugh too... Maybe not always with you.  Sometimes AT you.  And that's OK.  Right?  It's really healthy to not take yourself so serious.  "If I laugh first at my own mistakes, it won't hurt as much when others do"  Why do we laugh at eachothers mistakes in the first place?  I like to think that it's from relief.  "Good thing it wasn't me!!"  but also from us seeing the comical in a situation.  If we always took everything at face value, and couldn't make light of things, how miserable we would be. 

There's one thing that ticks me off though.  People who quickly laugh and make fun of others misfortune, especially when it's nothing funny about the situation.  And when they later find themselves in a similar spot, make themselves a victim, and cry about people laughing at them.  I think it's called Karma.  What you do to others usually boomerangs right back at you.  Being able to say "I'm sorry, that was wrong of me, my mistake, I'll try to think about that next time!" And NOT adding BUT at the end of the apology, makes it really hard for others to blast you!!!  What does that have to do with humor?  A lot I think.  It all comes down to not taking yourself so serious.  Being able to look at yourself as a person with strengths and weaknesses.  And chuckle at yourself, saying "Yeah... wasn't that typical of me!"  Then move on and learn something from it.  Good luck making the world smile! 

A little story....
My oldest girl is really good at many things.  She has gotten used to not having to try very hard in school.  This sometimes makes it hard for her to try things that she knows might not be all that easy.  Take crosscountry skiing.  We moved to the land of skiing (well, Norway migh win, but whatever) and she had skied ones in her life before at age 4.  Now at almost 13, it did not feel cool to be the new kid on skis!  At this age it pretty much matters how you breath, or you are not cool....

Well.  She was fretting and worrying about this skiing a lot!  I finally asked her what was so scary about it.  She said she'll be the last one in her class!  I asked why this mattered so much.  Someone has to be the last one.  Why not her?  We chatted about this for a while, and finally I told her that she has a secret weapon that she can pull out.  What?  Laugh! Laugh at yourself!  Don't take it so serious!  Guess what?  She did.  And it worked!  Now she's doing just fine with her skiing.  Maybe she'll never become a pro at that, but who cares, she is able to laugh at herself, and I think that will bring her much further than any skiing trip.  Ever.


Anonymous said...

So. Guess who is commenting now, asking why mewoman is writing things about them behind the back, huh? No, I don't really care that much....

mamman said...

I love it :) haha..