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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So... I did it!!!

Ok. Did you also feel wierd writing your first blog? Given you have a blog. Who doesn't?
Anyway.  I do feel wierd writing my first enrty.
It feels like I'm doing something official.  Something important.
Given the fact that what I write could be read by anyone and shared with anyone,
I guess it is a bit important!

However... This blog is supposed to be my outlet for anything and everything.
My life.
So.  What is my life?  Well.  There's Me to start of with.  I'm a midthirtysomething Mom of 7 kids.
6 girls and one boy.  In that order. 
Then there's Big Guy, my dear hubby who deserves some kind of award for sharing his life with Me.

This last year has been lifealtering in many ways. 
We had our first son! 
He's just over a year now, and we are seeing more and more differences between him and his posse of sisters.
They all know how to scream, fight, yell, hug, talk, play, and all that normal kid stuff.
I'm like that too actually. 

We also moved overseas, from living in Canada to now residing in Finland.
Very big change.

This blog will hopefully serve as a spot for me to share the challenges and excitement of our never ever dull life!

There.  I wrote my first entry.  See yah soon!

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Lara Harris said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! :) So fun to get a glimpse of your life over there in Lapland!