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Friday, February 11, 2011

BABY!!! - It's cold outside!!

Woke up to -22C.  That's cold enuf for me.  Today they were going to pour the floor inside our house, but if it's below -15C, the concrete truck won't come out.  So, we need to postpone that - again!  Last Friday we had it scheduled, but then the electrician got sick, and with him not being able to finish his stuff, no concrete could be poured...  Yeah, we are building a house for our gang.  It's very exciting, escpecially since Big Guy and I designed it together.  We don't have a strict schedule in mind, Big Guy is busy doing other construction as well as starting up a new company with some of his brothers.  (he has 5!), but obviously the sooner the better!  Right now we are keeping our butts plunked in an 3 bedroom apartment, and it's going surprisingly well, although I bet our neighbours will rejoice the day we move!!!  We are not the quiet types...  Well... Today I'm heading out for lunch to my sister-in-law with my 3 youngest rugrats!!  Despite the cold I still don't mind this winter stuff, just look at those snow covered trees, that'a what I see outside my window!  Gorgeous!  Always look at the bright side, right??

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