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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our House...

 And then the King and the Queen and their princesses and prince built a castle where they lived happily ever after....

Oh, if it was as easy as in the fairy tales!!!  Well, I've got some requests for pictures of our house... Right now it sort of resembles a green giant!  Terho had started on the woodsiding, when the snow and cold hit at the end of November... So for now we are concentrating on the inside, and we'll get the siding done in the spring.

 Our house is at the bottom of a hill, so this picture is taken looking down at it from halfway up the road.
You get into our subdivition from the other way (the road comes behind our house, and then you turn a left onto our street) 

 The front of our house, here you can see the woodsiding coming up.  The part with 5 narrow windows is the main entrance, and between the house and the garage you'll find another door, to the laundry/mudroom.

Side view of the front entrance.

Inside, kitchen to the right, livingroom to the left, in the space between the rooms we are having a 2 sided fireplace put in.

Standing in the future hallway (kitchen to your left), looking towards the front of the house.

I'll share more pictures as more gets done!!

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Sofia L said...

Looks nice! Looking forward to visit you guys soon... hopefully this summer! :)