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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Funny story alert! 

This evening, around 8 pm, Big Guy,our kids and I were outside at the common playground, hanging out.  Nothing much going on.  Kids swinging, digging in the sandbox, looking for snails, running in the woods.  The usual.  It was not very warm, just the kind of weather that you need pants and a t-shirt, maybe a sweater, to stay just perfect.
There are apartment buildings on 3 sides of the playground, and on the 4th there's a hill with trees, and behind that the woods.

Anyway...  Here we are, when this guy comes running outside of the apartment building straight in front of our faces, wearing a sturdy pair of boots and, and NOTHING else!!!  He comes dashing out.... Stops for a brief second when he sees this large family playing on the playground, swears a really bad word in Finnish, and then runs behind the bushes for cover...  Me and hubby stare with jaws dropped at each other for a second, then start laughing at this highly unusual sight.  A few of the kids witnessed the event, and they were like "whatte....????"
Well... Mr.Bright Guy runs around the whole building, quite the dash that involves exposing himself for a potential large number of people, around 2 parking areas. Coming up the stairs, after rounding the building, he yells at my hubby to buzz  his apartment and keep the kids out of sight.
"What number?" yells my hubby back (the guy was on the stairs in plain view) "Level 4!"  Well, there are a few apartments on level 4 dude... 
(do I need to mention that Mr. Nude was not the most sober guy on the block?)
He also told hubby that the reason for his nude-marathon was the result of losing a game (strip poker comes to mind...)  So THAAAAAT explains it!!!  (remember it's perfectly light outside here until late at night... and this was only at 8 pm)

Anyway.  Dude runs down to the garbage shed, and rummages around for a while... A few minutes later he emerges clad in (I lost it at this point!) a grocerystore bag with the text "LIDL" printed right on the front of it!!!!!  (LIDL is a European grocerystore chain)
He sort of chuckled as he walked past us, and then his good buddy let him back into the building.

Big Guy turned to me and said "Hey, he should have worn a bag with the word Gigantti on it instead!"
(name of a Best Buy type of store over here) 
Well....  That was an interesting event on this day over here in the fine country of Finland!!

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Sofia L said...

LIDL! Okay, I HOWLED!!! Hubby was almost sleeping, when I woke him up with a ROAR of laughter! Hahaha! :) Best story EVER! Good thing though that he was smart enough to turn when he discovered a bunch of kids on the playground... :)You shoulda taken a picture of him... "our first streaker" ;) Moahahaha! :D Sick people. Sick!