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Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy 14 on the 14th!!

June 14th is one of the most important days in our lives.  Mine and Big Guys lives that is.  And our kids.  That's the day we got married, 14 years ago, in southern Sweden on a beautiful summer day.
This is a day that brings back wonderful memories, and the days, months and years that have followed are like a wonderful necklace of most precious pearls threaded on it.
Days that include the births of our 6 girls and 1 boy.  Days that include, laughter, tears, hard times, good times, building houses, moving, job changes, challenges of parenting, traveling, day to day life... and it's been good.
I feel very fortunate to be able to write about us, and our love.
Maybe you find it "cheesy" (go ahead!), but I am so in love with my dear hubby, that I can be cheesy all day long.

He loves me.  I love him.  A lot.  We know that.  And we say that.  Often.  In words and in actions.
Last night I felt tired and draggy.  The weather did a drastic turn when a coldfront smashed into the heatwave we've been enjoying for the last 1½ weeks.  After the thunderstorm was over, the temperature had dropped drastically, there was just a light rain going on,  and I went out for a 45 min walk by myself.  It felt SOOO good.  I walked through a woodentrail, and the freshly soaked forest smelled incredibly good.  I stopped a few times and indulged.  Then I ran, skipped, jumped and flapped my arms really geekily along the trail...  On the last stretch home, I stopped and picked a bouquet of wildflowers for Big Guy.  Coming in to the apartment....  I found it all cleaned up!  I could have cried from happiness!  Before I left, it had looked like the storm had done a number in our home as well..  What a great man I have!

Tonight sitting in the livingroom, catching up on the latest (we talk a lot with each other), Big Guy suddenly stops and looks at me in that really loving way, and says "You know, I really love being married to you!, I love how we can talk about everything!"  I so agree... 
That kind of love is the love you feel.  It's just there.  I've had other married women telling me that they don't know any other couple who seem to be better friends with each other than me and my hubby are with each other.  It doesn't matter if that's true or not, I know I feel that way thou.
I guess we are both good at putting the other persons needs first, that way we know that we are both taken care of!

Our kids love to celebrate their parents love too!  For the last several years they have made cards for us, bought something if they get around to it, made a cake, or surprised us with breakfast in bed...  They love to see our love, and the worst times for them is if we ever fight.  They instantly ask us to be nice to each other and say sorry... Monkey see monkey do.  Do I need to say that our fights never last very long??

There have been many times when "the guys" have done their little get aways, traveling somewhere for a weekend, and I've told my hubby to go with them, feel free!  But he politely declines, and says that if he goes anywhere, he rather goes with me...  That's ok!! :)  (he HAS gone places sometimes, but it's usually for an overnight fishing trip! Wow....)

Well, I could go on and on about us, but you are probably getting the picture.
I'm thankful and happy to say that I'm happily married to the greatest guy I could ever imagine.
Happy Anniversary, my dear Man!  I love you so much.  Yours truly!


Sofia L said...

Happy 14th.. Love you guys! Some memories from that wknd...: Slugbugs, strawberries, volley ball, orange flowers, belly laughs, cigars, some tears, clown sister, pickles (yuk!), friends, Potatisfestival, Beavis&Butthead... (that rope...) and LOTS of Love! Thanx for the memories, you guys! <3

MeWoman said...

tnx sofia. It truly WAS an amazing day! I'm still so thankful about how well everything went! lots of good memories indeed.... xoxo