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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey, Hey Summer!!

Even if the temperatures are not quite agreeing with me (it's rather chilly in the air, hovering around 55 F), the beauty in the nature sure is!
The lilocs in bloom, as well as many other trees and flowers.
LOTS of wild flowers.
My vases runneth over with beautiful boquets that the kids happily pick and bring home for me.
Tomorrow morning (yes, it's a Finnish tradition to have the last day of school on a Saturday, at least where we live) the kids will gather and sing traditional summer songs, bid farewell to the grade 6 kids who will graduate from elementary school in order to continue their schooling at a higher level in the fall and then collect their report cards before going home and enjoy the summer break!

Next week our two oldest girls will be going up to northern Sweden for a few weeks.
A nice opportunity for them to practice their Swedish language skills!
Finland is bilingual, and from grade 7 it's mandatory for kids to study Swedish for 3 years.
Since I spoke Swedish to them for many years when they were younger, they have a good base already.

We don't have any big plans for the summer, but are hoping to enjoy the beautiful nature, beaches, berries and sunshine!
And ice-cream. 
Of course...

We are looking forward to having some visitors from overseas, and this week we are already enjoying some time with my sister and her family who are here from the USA.
The kids have had a lot of fun getting to know each other, it's been several years since they last met.

Hubby has a packed schedule, and we are very thankful for all the work he has lined up.
If possible we are hoping to take a week. or maybe 2, off in July, and just spend some time together as a family, and do some work on our house!

My days will be busy in a different way with all the kids at home and I hope we'll have lots of time to be outside and just enjoy the time off.
So.... now we just need some warmth added to the mix, and we'll be ready to go!

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