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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


A few months ago we realized that one of our cats was pregnant.
A few weeks after that we realized that our other cat was pregnant too.
Good thing we "only" have two of them!!
2 weeks ago the first one had 2 kittens, one died.
Today we found our other cat in the garage with her brood of 4!!
Here are pictures to show you our newest additions...

Here's "Nappi".
(Button in Finnish)
She/He has a white dot under its chin, and is otherwise a
dark gray colored kitten.
I LOVE the blue eyes!
They just opened a few days ago.

Here's our newest bundle.
4 tiny little things.
They keep moving around, keeping each other warm.
They don't have any names yet.
Like I said, we just found them with their mom in our
garage this afternoon!

No.  We will NOT keep them all.
2 cats are enough.
SO... let me know if anyone is interested in a new
friend in a few months!

"Socks" with her gang!
I can relate to her having my paws full.
I wish I was as laid back thou, just laying there purring away...

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to show Eva these kittens. She LOVES them. Too bad you couldn't "mail" one here for her! Jk. The kitten would be so traumatized after the trip. What a surprise for you. I bet the kids just get a big bang out of them. One kitty for each! How fun. It's neat to see how kids react when they see nature happening. Enjoy!