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Sunday, June 10, 2012

One moment in time...

So many thoughts running through my head.
Life is an interesting journey.
And at times we stop and take a moment to reflect.
It's humbling at times.
We learn (hopefully!!).
For me there have been many many things lately that have stopped me in my daily tracks.
Many reminders of what matters in life.

I keep learning things about who I am.
When I keep hitting walls due to my lack of language skills...
I realize that the person I like to be is suffering.
It opens my eyes for those that at some point have moved to a new country, and spent their lives there, and never have fully learned the new language.
I can now see how that can happen.
If your daily group of people speak the language you know, and you have very few opportunities to use the new one, well, the progress will be slow!
At times I feel like I'm standing at a busstop... waiting for someone to pick me up.
It feels like I'm getting nowhere, and it gets frustrating at times.

Then life goes on.
And things happen that help keep my own needs at a realistic level.
A young father has an accident at work and narrowly escapes death.
A young family loses a baby.
A middleaged woman loses her father and one of her sons in a matter of a week.
The list could go on with daily reminders of how short and unpredictable life is.

Today we attended our new little Goddaughter's baptism.
A joyful day when we got to celebrate God's greatest gift.
After attending this nice time with good friends, we went to see my Hubby's grandma who's 83 and in a nursing home.
Here she is at the end of the road, such a contrast after just holding the little bud who just started her journey!
She's been in and out of the hospital lately due to some infection.
She was tired.  She didn't really say anything.
But she saw us and there was a tired smile in her eyes.
This precious lady became a young widow and a single mom of 6 kids when she was only about 40 years old.
She has held the family together with her big heart and humorus and loving ways.
It's not often you see kids being so loving to an elderly as her kids are.
What you sow you shall reap.
Well, her love has paid off.
Every day her sons that live locally come and see her.
They make sure she has taken her medication, that she eats, and often she gets a treat from one of her sons that he lovingly feeds her.
She had a stroke last year, so slowly it has become harder and harder for her to help herself.
Her mind is not clear, and I'm sure this journey is hard for her, knowing how dilligently she took care of her kids and now being so depending on them.
When we said goodbye I couldn't let go of her warm and soft hand for a few minutes.
I felt heavy tears roll down my cheeks, as she looked me so lovingly into my eyes.
We've never been able to sit down and chat because of the language barriare, but sometimes words are vain.
Sometimes you just know.  You can feel love and care.
I don't know when the last time I tell her goodbye will be, it might be pretty soon.
I do know what she gave though.
Love.  Lots of love and forgiveness.

These moments sure help to keep things in perspective.
I feel so blessed and fortunate to have these moments in my life to keep me reminded of what matters.
Love and forgiveness.  And you don't need to know the same language in order to share that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kaisa,

How sweet. You are right, language or any other barriers never stop love from happening. Trials in this life make us stronger, closer, and make us realize what is important in this life. We strive to be the best we can, be thankful and appreciative, and obedient, and to be forgiving and to praise God for all that we are and have. As for all our friends and family going through trials and hardships, it draws us closer to them and also makes us examine ourselves in the walk we are walking. We need those trials, too and need to bare the burden with them. It is heartbreaking to see them go through what they are going through. God knows best and will not forsake us and give us strength to deal with the trial. And then it makes it easier to love some more and to go on.

Love you all--

Sofia L said...

A true reminder...thank you, sister! Love ya! And, you'll always stay close in my heart, no matter how far the real distance between us might be in miles and kilometers. <3

Sylvie said...

You are so right. Hard times sure keep our focus in the right place. I really feel that when our trials have reached a calm, we can be thankful for them. They help us and strengthen us in our walk. God knows what we need, and when.

MeWoman said...

Thanks for all the kinds words.
Have a great week!
xoxo Kaisa

SiriusMusta said...

Så fint du skriver. Och om min mormor, som verkligen är så otroligt underbar. Och om den kärlek som alltid finns där. Hon har alltid funnits där för sina barn och nu finns barnen där. Det är verkligen så, man får tillbaka det man ger..behandla andra som du själv vill bli behandlad. Så sant.