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Friday, May 25, 2012


This is a post in honor of my dear Linds.
She was my sister-in law for a while, but will always remain a "chosen sister" in my life.
She's a tough cookie who has gone trough a lot and a bit more.
5 years ago she started up a small maternity and baby store in Windsor ON, "Bump Maternity Plus Baby" http://www.bumpmaternityonline.com/store/
Her business went well and after a few years she expanded.
The night of her Grand Opening at the new location, her store flooded after one of the huge storms that went through Windsor that summer...
At the time she was living over in Finland, and was temporary in Canada to set up her new place....
The poor gal had to extend her stay to deal with extensive water damage.
Not many months after that, she was dealt an even harder blow.
Her marriage came to an end.
As bystanders we watched this amazing gal get up, over and over again.
Our hearts swelling and our eyes dimmed by tears, we felt pride and pain alongside her.
She kept running, finishing races. ½ marathons and others.
Most importantly, she kept running her own race of life.
Falling and getting up, a bit stronger each time.
She also kept her business running, but not only that, she was awarded a "Business of the Year Award" for Windsor and Essex area.
This girl is going places!!!

This week we are again smiling through tears on this gals behalf.
She's again taking a big leap.
Opening another store!
Following a dream stemming from her days as a student in Ottawa.
Her new store is called "Poppy Paperie and Gifts".
You can read more about it here: http://nowcookingforone.blogspot.com/2012/05/taking-leap.html
I can't even put words on how I feel.
We are so happy for her.
I feel pride and thankfulness, anticipation and hope.
She deserves everything good.
She's loved by so many, and many prayers have carried her along the way.
Good luck dearest Linds.
You are an inspiration.
Can't wait to see your new dream come true!


Anonymous said...

Wow! She is such a busy lady!! I sure liked her too. I enjoyed visiting with her when we had the chance. Good for her- I bet she will go places!


Lulu and Ruby said...

Tears in my eyes too now! Thank you as always for your prayers, support and love. Everything happens for a reason - every ending is a new beginning and every trial is to teach us something. xoxo

MeWoman said...

:-) Good luck and keep us posted<3 <3 <3