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Monday, February 6, 2012

Work it out Mom!!

I've mentioned about Body Balance a few times now.  Hubby got me a 10 time giftcard to a local gym, and he had the BB class in mind for me.  A combo of pilates, yoga and thai chi.
Perfect idea for me!
So, two weeks ago I went to my 1st class, and again this past Tuesday.
I really, really like the classes.
They are almost an hour long, and because I live in the lovely land of Saunas, each time I reward myself with a nice and hot steam sauna at the gym.
(our sauna isn't done yet, so I truly enjoy every chanse I get to use one)

Body Balance works on your balance, your core and overall wellbeing.
It's finished off with relaxation and stretches.
It's funny how listening to the instructors voice, softly rattling off in Finnish (a language that to most people sound rather harsh and choppy) in a quiet soothing voice, at the end of the class, actually sound nice!!
When you are trying to learn something new, while following instructions, it's hard enough when you know the language. To then try to make sense of what she's saying, while attempting new stretches and poses, as well as keeping your balance... sort of makes you shortcircuit! 
After the 1st class I told her I don't understand much Finn, so the 2nd time around she threw in some English as well.  Thank you!!

Here at home I've tried to do some of the excercises as well.
Since I only go to BB ones a week, I figure I'll get more out of it if I try to keep up in between classes.
So... What do I do?
Just randomly I'll lay down on our kitchen floor, it's heated cork flooring, so it's warm and quite soft for being a floor.
One day I did some various excercises, amidst Little Guy's cars and random stuff.
Little Guy himself was playing in the kitchen and livingroom with those "Zhu Zhu" pets (looks like a hamster, and when you press its back, it rolls around on the floor and makes random soundeffects, and when it bumps into something, the little button on the nose activates and makes the animal turn around).
Well, one of those almost got tangled into my braid! :)
Nice effect that you never get to deal with at the gym!

My sister (who happens to be childless, but who greatly admires us moms), gave me a really cool metal sign to hang on a wall (I chose the kitchen).
It says "Motherhood is not for sissies!"
That's me, trying to do yoga poses, in my kitchen, surrounded by kids, toys and various comments.
Having a 13 year old daughter for your personal cheerleader, is not for sissies... ;)
Good thing motherhood also makes you very comfortable in your own skin!

Well.  It's been very very cold outside (I think we converted it to around -15 to -20 F), so taking walks is off the hook for now.  Some crazy people here actually ENJOY temperatures like that "Oh! It's so nice to ski in the woods in the fresh and cold air!"  Eeee...??? (how do you breath at all when your nostriles are frozen shut??)  Yeah.  I guess being a true Finn is not for sissies either... 

Tomorrow morning it's up and at them at 6:30.  I need to bring 2 kids to school, and then continue to the dentist with another 2, meaning getting all 7 kiddos out the door on time.... wish me luck.

Oh!  One more thing, because it's so cute. Tonight Big Guy went and played hockey, and for the 1st time he brought his son along to watch the game!!  Our oldest girl went too so she could take care of Little Guy while Hubby played... It was a proud dad who left with hockey gear and son in tow...
I'll post pictures of that later!

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Sofia L said...

Hehehe - I can totally picture you on the floor, with that toy in your hair and kids "cheering you on..." ;)
Everytime I try to do any kind of stretching, sit-ups or things like that - my beloved dog finds it a VERY good time to wash my face! Yuk! At least your kids don't do THAT! (I think not...hopefully!)

Oh, and I did get a li'l tear in the corner of my eye when I read the "part about me." ;)
Glad you liked the sign! When I found it, I just KNEW I had to get it for you! :)
Hopefully we'll get to see it on your wall IRL VERY soon! :)