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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy February 29th!!

Why not take the opportunity to celebrate this rare date?
I'm not planning a huge bash or anything.
Just had to point out that todays date only happens every 4th year.
That's all.
My parents are coming from Sweden to visit us for a week.
Will be fun!, I haven't seen them since Christmas 2010 (so over a year ago).
No big plans are prepped for their visit.
We'll be visiting friends, hang out and plan on heading out one day.
Maybe ice-fishing?

There's still lots of snow here, a few feet or so, and the temperature hovers just below freezing, so when the sun pops out, it makes for beautiful outside weather.
The kids have their winterbreak this week as well, so I hope to take the chance to enjoy the outdoors.
Yesterday I brought them skating, and on Monday they played in the snow and went sledding.
Today I'm gonna send them outside to practise their skiing skills!
Maybe I should join them...  Haven't skiied for many, many years, and the other week I found a pair of used skiis at a 2nd hand store... so I don't have any excuses not to ski.
Just a bit of pride... what if my neighbours see me?  They might chuckle at this uncoordinated mess...

Anyway.  I have a busy day ahead.
I'll let you know if I dared to ski or not!!
Have a happy 29th of Feb!
(as if February really needs to be any longer....)

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