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Friday, February 17, 2012

be nice to yourself!

This is so so true.
Be nice to yourself, or you might make your life more miserable than needed.
I sometimes ask myself if I'd be my own friend.
There were times when I was younger when I desperately wanted to be like someone else, just not like ME.
After meeting a man who loves me for me, and raising 7 kids, who do the same... I've slowly tought myself to be kinder to myself.  More accepting of my shortcomings.  Less judging when I mess up.  I've always been good at saying the 1st thing that comes to my mind, and as a youth I'd many times literally cry over my own impulsiveness...  Wishing I could keep the cake-hole shut for ones!!  I have leared to stay quiet and listen more, and also made sure that when I say something, it's worth saying.  But I still kick myself at times... putting my foot in the mouth would be a useful talent!
I have to embrace this "flaw" I suppose, and accept that being me is sometimes embarrasing, comical, wierd, funny, nice, impulsive and many other things.
It's the same for us all.

I like the saying
"If you are happy with who you are, you are usually less judging of others"
That is so true.
If I start by being nice to me, a bit more patient and understanding, it's easier to apply this behaviour towards others.
And truly, I've given myself many chuckles over the years, while shaking my head wondering what I was thinking.  And that's ok.  I feel that I am my own friend, it's easier that way...

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