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Monday, July 8, 2013

Life's a roller-coaster!

Where to start??
I'll do the announcements first.
Let's just say that June 15th, 2013, will go down in history for us.
For 80 years June 15th has been my hubby's great aunts birthday (so she obviously turned 80 this year).
Happy Birthday to her!!
June 15th also brought a new life to my family as one ended.

We'll honor my hubby's grandma and mention her first.
On June 15th, around noon, Dear Maija Mummi got to move home to her Heavenly home.
She was reunited with her husband whom she lost more than 40 years ago.
This beautiful little lady raised 6 children on her own after their dad passed away at age 43.
Those children turned in to a close knit bunch, and as their mother grew old they tended to her in the most loving way.  Her many years of lonely work paid off and their love for their mother is a beautiful example of how it SHOULD be!  Two of her sons came and visited her at the old folks home EVERY day.
They made sure her medicines were taken and made sure she ate her food.
After she suffered several strokes they spoon fed her patiently.
At the end she didn't even open her eyes, she hadn't said anything for months and we could see her wilt away.  Still, those kids took care of her just as lovingly as ever.
The last few weeks leading up to her death we saw her fade away.
It wasn't hard to see her go.
She peacefully slipped away, holding one of her son's hands.
Goodbye Maija Mummi, you left a beautiful memory and you will be remembered fondly.

On the same day as we bid her farewell, I also greeted a new niece welcome to the world.
This little miracle was born to my younger sister and husband.
After 12 years of marriage they became BIOLOGICAL parents for the first time.
Last summer they became PARENTS for the first time when they welcomed a little boy in to their family as their own.  He was only a few months old when my sister realized that she was expecting a baby!
A healthy baby girl arrived when their son was almost 11 months old.
Congratulations to their whole family, we are so very happy for you all :)

So, there's one more event that took place on that great day.
God found a buyer for our house!
I won't bore you with the details, but we sure feel that this was guided from above.
When things are meant to be they sure happen in amazing ways.
If all goes well our house will have a new family living here by August 6th.
So... Life. Is. BUSY!!!'
In other words, being on the computer blogging will not be one of my priorities!

I'll you all know when we are flying back though! (should be towards the end of August)
We want to visit Sweden a last time before we move and well, there'll be all sorts of things to "finish up" around here before we can catch a plane.
Right now we are packing, finishing up the house, lining up a moving container, finding tickets, looking for a house to rent or buy, organizing work overseas.... etc etc etc.

Life is calling - I'll catch you later!
Oh, you might wonder how we feel about moving??
Thankful, excited, sad, relieved, overwhelmed, nervous, happy.... you get the picture.


Anonymous said...

Härligt att det ordnade sig med köpare till huset. Vi ska också flytta (men bara inom Uppsala) och i en låda hittade jag ett kort med en dikt av dig.

..."Åsså mitt i vinterns yra
köper du en saab v4.
å fast jag är en snobbig kråka
får jag i din "pärla" åka.
Man känner sig tacksam och priviligerad att ha en vän som du,
tyvärr måste jag sluta nu! :-)

Lycka till med flytten och synd att vi inte har setts trots att du bor i grannlandet.

Ha det bra

Sylvie said...

I am so excited for you guys! I got all teary over here about your house selling! :) Can't wait to have you guys back over here in this part of the world!! I hope everything goes well for you in your next few crazy months.
I can't stop smiling... :) so happy for you! :) :)

Sofia L said...

FINALLY!!! :D I'm so excited for you all, and this sure shows, once again, that God has a time and plan for everything. Can't wait to visit you overseas again...!
Hugs from Sof with hubby and TWO kids!!! <3

(yup, won't forget THAT date for sure!) ;)

Pellerina said...

YAAYYY is all I can say! To all three big events! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news! Happy to hear : )
Hello from the west coast!