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Friday, June 14, 2013

A little something

No, no news.  Just need to write a little just because.
Today is our 16th Wedding Anniversary, Congrats to us :)
We woke up to the smell of coffee and clinking sounds from the kitchen.
Our two teens had gotten up at 6am (*on summer break*) to prep a lovely breakfast for two, complete with thoughtfully written notes as well as a nice gift for us.
(Thanks girls, you are amazing :)

We sure have had another eventful year behind us and I can only imagine what this next one will hold!
One thing I know, our love will grow even stronger and no matter what, we'll be there for each other.
I know I am truly blessed and feel so very fortunate for the life I have.
There are some things in my life that I am not content with at the moment, but when I think of what really matters, I have it all.

So what else??
This week we are getting our yard done. Finally!!!
We've lived on the beach for the last 3 summers, without the water...
In other words, our whole house is surrounded by SAND!!
And large parts of our floors are covered in it...
So yeah, getting some gravel in the driveway and dirt/topsoil elsewhere (that we'll seed asap) will be wonderful.  And it will obviously make the yard LOOK nicer too.

Our only vehichle is acting up (only runs in 2nd gear, so at least we won't be getting any speeding tickets), so that's been an added stress.  The part is on its way though so Hubby should have it taken care of soon.

We had some really beautiful weather here in May and early June, and the nature here is truly breathtaking. TONS of wildflowers, birds and green, green nature.  I love taking walks in the woods, it does wonders for my nerves.  I am honestly pretty worn out mentally and some days are hard.  It does make it easier to be humble and leave it all in God's hands though, that's for sure.
Selling a house when you feel pressed for time is stressful.
But, when the time is right things will work out the way they are meant to go.
Sounds so cliche, but what else can I say??

Well, nothing else to add at this time, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of the year.


Unknown said...

I'm a firsty for leaving a comment here on your blog. Yes, I did mean a 'firsty', as in my first time, as opposed to 'firsty', meaning 'thirsty' in a dorky way or British accent. Kaisa, I feel we are in a similar situation. The unknown is scary, but in times like these we don't have a choice but to turn to God and trust that he will take care of us. I truly hope things work out in the way you want them to work out! xo

Sofia L said...

First of all; your girls AND boy are all amazing! :) What a wonderful breakfast surprise. <3

Must be great to get the yard in order, AND the car. :) Good luck with both!

And talking about patience... You are sure right! God has a plan for us all, and even though we hate being in this state of not knowing what's around the corner - it sure feels good to know that He takes care of us. That's comforting! :)
You're all in our thoughts and prayers! <3 love ya sis!

Sandi Oliverio said...

What a wonderful gift of love from your children getting up early to fix a beautiful breakfast! They are truly special children.
This is a time of stress for you as you wait for your home to sell. And, though my stresses are different, I can relate to your feelings of discouragement and anxiety. I am trying hard to fight through a difficult time also, so know you are not alone. I will keep you in prayer.
Sandi Hammerstrom Oliverio

MeWoman said...

Thanks all for your words of encouragement.
It's comforting to know we are not the only ones who are going through trying times, although I wish none of us were :)
But in the end, that's life and it all has some meaning behind it.

And yes, our kids are truly great kids. I wish I had more patient to see also that at times...