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Friday, April 12, 2013

The waiting game...

A few more weeks galloped by.
Time spent working on our house, celebrating Easter, holding our first open house and watching the snow s-l-o-w-l-y melt.  Yesterday we got the first rain of the year!
It's wierd to see, feel and hear rain again after 5 months of NO rain!
I hope it helps the snow leave in order to make room for spring and, maybe at some point, summer!!
The evenings are light late now and the younger kids never learn that YES it is still light but YES it IS your bedtime!!  They think I'm tricking them trying to get them to bed too early :)
I wish.

Easter was nice and relaxing.  A few days off from everything is always appreaciated.
We ate good food and the kids enjoyed some candy and chocolates.
Ok... the grown-ups did too.

Our first open house went ok.  Here they only last 30 min (versus the normal 2 hrs in Canada/USA), so only 3 different groups showed up.
No offers as of now.  This weekend we'll hold our 2nd open house, so I can't help but hoping for something to happen.
Lately my feelings and emotions have been all over the place.
The thought of our house selling and us moving back to Canada gives me butterflies in my belly.
The thought of us staying here (if the house doesn't sell) is hard to accept.
There are a lot of things I could explain around these feelings, but basically it comes down to me and the family wanting to move back home.
It doesn't make things here bad in any way, it just means that we feel done with our adventure here.
Since all the kids and hubby and I are all on the same page, wishing for the same outcome, it's hard to be patient.  I DO trust that God will lead us down the right path and the way things go are the way they are meant to be.
It's just hard to accept the thought that God's plan might be different than ours!!
Hence, feelings all over the place...

Also, I way rather have my hands full and lots of action than this "waiting game".
God sure knows how to test and try me to keep me humble here on earth.
If things went too smoothly I might start thinking that I actually figured something out by myself!!
This way I know that he will lead the way and I don't have to feel foolish about my own attempts at knowing what's best for me and my family.
The hard part is to remember this throughout the days...
I get impatient and frustrated fast.

So... I guess here I am.  Waiting for something to happen... so that I hopefully soon will have news to share with you!
While we wait I'll share some pictures!

Hubby with his Mini Me.
Both with a screw between their lips, building the sauna

Our 5th daughter turned 7 in February.
Oldest sister made a cute cake :)

SPA-night in the shower room.

Stairs before...

Stairs after!! (covered with birch)

I love the nature right in our backyard!


Better be comfortable when you have a snack!


Changing room for sauna

Laundry room


Sofia L said...

I love how the stairs turned out! Looks great. Oh, and that spa night...hahaha! :D Little guy with slices of cucumber covering his eye lids...not easy being the only boy with six sisters! ;) Love 'em all! <3

And, God WILL show you the right way. :) "When God closes a door, He opens a window!"
Everything's gonna be all right! ...but I do hear ya on the waiting thing. We're not known to be too patient... ;)
But,yeah. Things will work out! :)

Pellerina said...

Ahh how I know the feeling of that impatient waiting!
I pray all will go well. Soon. :)