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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A great plan!

I have a plan.
Actually not just me, my husband and kids are with me as well.
Our plan is to sell our house.  And our cars.  And anything you plug in to an outlet.
And lots of other stuff.
Soon.  Actually, not soon enough if you ask us in our impatient state of mind.
Then when those little tasks are out of the way, we'll move to the next step of our plan.
Packing up whatever belongings we still need and like enough to make it with us to the next stop in our lives.
Then we need to organize a way of shipping those earthly possesions across the pond, aka The Atlantic Ocean.  There'll be few other random bits and pieces of activity going on at the sidelines, you know "life in general", as well as buying plane tickets for 9 people and other stuff that'll keep us out of trouble.

Oh yeah, and then when we get there we need to find a suitable pad to call home (rent or buy??), buy some new wheels to transport us all in, sign all those kids up for schools and well, you know, keep living on the other side of above mentioned pond.

Yepp.  That's our plan.
(now it's appropriate to chuckle a bit and roll your eyes at the computer/phone)

Now, here's the little part that makes these plans a bit tricky.
I can't MAKE these things happen.
This might come as a shock (I feel rather surprised too!), but that's the truth.
Even if I think our plan is flawless and I know how to line all the ducks up just so, it is NOT me who's in charge (unless it comes down to getting kids to bed or food on the table and a load of laundry out of the way)
I need to humbly remember that even when my plan is not going MY way, God's plan is still going HIS way.
It's rather comforting actually to know that I don't NEED to be in charge.
I don't have to regret anything, because whatever happens is what is supposed to happen and God does not make mistakes.
The hard part is to remember that I need to stay in line and do my thing and let God lead the way at HIS pace in HIS time.

Times like this is when there's only one set of footprints in the sand.
It's times like this that you know that God is indeed carrying us.
When I feel frustrated, confused, sad, annoyed, mad... He's there holding me.
Lifting me up and leading me to where I should be at this moment.
I lament to my friends and family, and thankfully they listen and are there to encourage and support me.
I feel the prayers and love.
Thank you, you know who you are.
And thank you God for keeping me humble, it sure makes it easier to trust in Your plan rather than mine...
And that is a great plan indeed.


Pellerina said...

Hmm third try to psot comment...

Yes, I believe God is carrying you. But the waiting game or when patience is tested in huge things, is for people like me and you the worst and hardest test of faith. Hugs.

Sofia L said...

Agree with our sister! The waiting game IS the toughest part. When we really WANT to do just SOMETHING, and no matter what we do - it won't really help. God sure knows best, and I need to remember that too. :) Thanx for the reminder! Hugs!!!!! <3

Sandi Oliverio said...

It sounds like you will be heading back our way, and that will be nice. I do not have the same struggles you do, but do suffer from a lack of patience in allowing God to change the trial we are in. I keep hearing people say, "God does not give you more than you can handle. Just be patient." It makes me want to scream rather than smile in agreement. But, I am continuing to work at "acceptance" of God's reasons, and not focus on anymore patience, which I feel I have exhausted! :)
Kind regards to all your family.
Sandi Oliverio

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you. Just what I needed to hear. When you first moved to Finland I was excited for the chance to be able to visit with you more often. I guess once a year IS more often than once every five years, but it wasn't quite what I had in mind... But when I discovered last fall that you have a blog, I was happy... And I have to say, thanks for the chance to get to know you better! And thanks also for your ponderings on life and faith that have given me comfort and strength.
God's blessings to you all with your plan :) ;)
Sarah in Lahti

Sofia L said...

Sarah, is that YOU (Bruce Mines) or someone else? :) mail me! :)

MeWoman said...

Thanks Sandra and Sarah, It's nice to know that a few simple words can help us through the day. We all have our natures and needs, but somehow we are all the same.
Also tnx to my sisters who are also part of my "support system"!

And yes Sofia, it's THAT Sarah!! :-)

MeWoman said...

*Sandi (I wrote Sandra)