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Monday, March 25, 2013

Day by Day...

My writing cap hasn't been sitting right on my head lately.
There's so much I could write about, but it feels like I'd be sharing my "to do list" if I shared what my life consists of lately, and since that sounds rather drab, I figured I had to wait for inspiration.

I've been cleaning out cupboards and closets and boxes and you name it.
I've sold a bunch of toys at a consignment store as well as donated a lot of STUFF to the Red Cross store.
I LOVE getting rid of things.
It's very liberating.
When we moved here I know I brought way too many things from Canada, but then we had a huge container with both our vehichles in it, so it didn't really matter if some junk came along.
However, whenever we go back now we'll only bring our bare essentials, so a lot of stuff need to go.
Coming here our youngest three were toddlers/babies, so many things we brought for them we don't need anymore. 
Wierd.  I'm selling all of our baby stuff (besides my favourite keepsakes that I just can't part with).
No more highchairs, walkers, pack and plays, baby toys, bouncers, swings etc.
I notice when we go places now how easy it is.
No bottles, pacifires, diapers, baby food, wipes, clothes and so on.
Just get the kids out the door after making sure they use the bathroom, of course.
Even our little guy dresses himself.  I am not as needed any more.
Not in the same way at least.

On Wednesday this week it will be my due-date with Moon (the baby I miscarried at 10 weeks last fall).
I noticed that the moon will be full on the same day... Neat eh??
Thinking of what could have been is a good reminder for me right now.
My life is in high gear and we are working hard to get another overseas move under our belts.
But when I take a moment and let myself dig a bit deeper inside myself, I realize that my heart sometimes is bleeding still.  There are two aching spots for two babies that we never got to meet here on earth.
2 years in a row I was due this week.
It wasn't meant to be, and I am thankful to God for lending me those angels for even such a short time.
Sometimes I miss what could have been.
Especially when I am now in the process of departing with many of the items that were once full of sticky baby faces, laughs, tears and poopy diapers.
It's bittersweet.

My sister-in-law just had a baby a month ago.  We've had all our other babies together.
It's soooo wierd that I'm not there with here.
Sharing in the fun of a new little person.
I can't wait to see her!!

Well... Life goes on and I'm often reminded of how lucky I am in so many ways.
A month ago 2 of my sisters came for a visit!!
That was sooo nice and we had some really special days together.
First came my younger sister with her little baby, he's sooo sweet!!
Then my older sister (who I was the closest to growing up) came.
The two of us hadn't seen each other for almost 8 years!!!
She had never seen 5 of our kids at all!
One of them is her godchild, who is born on the same day as her and carries her name as well.
I am so very thankful that they both made it here
(Thanks again!!)
They spoiled me with good long talks, memories and laughter as well as with food and some things for our house.  Sisters are truly awesome :)  Especially mine!!

What else???  Well. 
In a few weeks we are having an open house, so I pray that God might have someone lined up that likes our house!  We've got a lot of work done around here lately as well, and I've even been able to help Hubby some!  So much fun and also so great to see this place getting its final touches.
Next time I'll post some pictures.
Until then, Happy Easter everyone :)

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