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Friday, March 8, 2013

A step forward...

Here we go again.  A step towards moving overseas is taken.
3 years ago I was busy drawing, designing and planning our new home in Finland.
3 years ago we were also busy getting our home ready to put up for sale.
Our bellies were full of butterflies and excitement about our future.
What was it gonna be like?  Would the move take place?  How would the house that was just lines on a paper, turn out in real life?

Well.  Those questions are now answered.
We sold that house and we moved to Finland.
We have now lived here for almost 3 years (crazy!) and our life has been so fully packed with "life", that our boxes that we soon might be packing, will be full of memories.
I feel such gratitiude that we've had this experience.
5 of our kids will go back with another language. (our 2 youngest understand and speak some as well)
I have learned so much about myself, I would not want to be without those life lessons.
Hubby feels the same way.  We have grown from experiences and trials and maybe we have become a bit more humble and understanding along the way.

With mixed feelings we are now preparing to move back.
When I met my Hubby I knew very little about Canada.
But marrying him and moving there felt like the most natural thing I've ever done.
I lived in Canada for 13 years and had 7 children there.
Canada became home to me, because this great country is our childrens country of birth.
Most of our memories are stored there and most of our milestones and holidays are celebrated there.
Our kids are ready to go back home.
They can't wait to see their friends!!  Our lives will all of a sudden fast forward 3 years when we return!
There's sadness too though.
As I write this my eyes fill with tears.  Even if nothing is set in stone yet, we already know that moving away from here will be sad and hard.
We have gained some preacious friends.  I have gotten to know many of my hubby's relatives.
We have had beautiful times here as well, and I know our future is permanetly marked by us living here for these years.  Mostly in good ways.

What an amazing opportunity it has been for us, and like a dear friend said when we moved from Canada
"They are going on an adventure!"
Yes.  We went on an adventure.
What a gift this is to our kids.  Despite all the work and stress and inconveniences, what a wonderful gift this will be for our kids to cheirsh when they grow up!
Maybe we'll feel split at times, missing people, places and things from here.
But we will also feel blessed and enriched from the many things we learned along the way.

So... .A big step forward is taken.  Yesterday a real estate agent came over, and we listed our house.
This "project" is now for sale.
It's a bit sentimental actually.  I don't easily get attached to things, but this house started in my hubby's and my brain.  Together we spent hours and hours planning and dreaming.
Together we built it.  It's been such a great experience, and at times crazy and overwhelming.
Now it's up for grabs for someone else.
Maybe someone who will live here for many years to come.
Someone who will create memories inside these walls that we built.

I want to leave it all in God's hands.  I want to pray that I accept His plan and that I get strength to understand if His will is not the same as mine.  And I pray that in about 5 months time we'll be back home.

Here are some pictures of our home - for now!

Front of house


Upstairs hallway



Mr. Bedroom


Back of house


Sofia L said...

House looks good. Feels a bit weird that I might never go there again. That, when I finally made it to your place - it turns out to be the week before you put it up for sale. :P
Well, hoping to see you all soon, and that we'll get to visit you often in Canada! <3

Oh...and I'll never forget all that snow falling from the roof, scaring the crap out of me! :-D
Hahaha! :)

Pellerina said...

Why didn't my comment on here show up? Weird. House looks fantastic! Who cleaned?? ;) hehe
Jax & Julia were just talking about your house & they wanted to go visit & never leave. We are all very excited to have you on this side of the ocean for future visiting!!

MeWoman said...

Tnx both of you!
Annelie, I got the other comment in my email, have no clue why it didn't post on here! I'm looking forward to living on the same continent as you too!
@ Sofia, thanx again for coming, we sure had a great time :)

Sofia L said...

Pouting here. :( I wanna live on the same continent as you two TOO!!!
Oh well. Hopefully we'll make it overseas more often in the years to come. :)
Kaisa, it was GREAT visiting you all. Loved it. :)