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Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer 2012

Here's a glimps of our summer...
I've been awful at remembering taking pictures, I could have had so many more but I hope you enjoy these!!

I love the combination of kids and kittens.
It's been pretty busy with 7 kids and 7 cats/kittens....
but still a neat experience
I love this little guy holding them.
He pretends they are his "army guys"!!

Sometimes he's a monster, and sometimes this sweet...

Momma cat with her kitten in a caring lap

One evening the girls wanted a SPA
Here's our 4 year old "vegging out"!!

"Aaah! I sooo needed this!!  Life of a kid can be so exhausting!!"

Three pampered ladies

"So... this fall I'm staring Kindergarten, so I better relax while I can"

Looking good!
Guess who!!

This summer has been very cool and very rainy.  We've had to watch the forecast closely in order to plan any outing.  One Saturday we finally made it to this park... Oh what a FUN day we had!! :)

Teacups.  A classic.

Obviously we all indulged in Cotton Camdy!!
I LOVE that stuff!!
It was fun to watch little Guy trying to make sense of this eatable "cloud" stuff!!
"Spin faster!"

One lucky girl got to go on a horseback ride, since she was too short for the "bigger" rides.
She'd go on ANY ride if she was allowed, she has NO fear this one!!

Riding on the track (you have to bike forward) that surrounds the park.

The Enterprise
Our 3 oldest girls favourite ride.
When the day came to an end and the park closed, our little guy hung his shoulders, and with a sad voice he announced "I don't want to leave this place!"

Bye for now!!

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Sylvie said...

How fun! My how they've all grown. Esp the youngest ones! It's so neat to get a glimpse into your life so far away. :)