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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Summer is swooshing by.
I think it might be the rain that's making the summer go by so fast.
It's leaving us behind as it runs down the streets in whimsical patterns.
I'm NOT ready for fall yet!
I thought we were just getting started.
I'm always a bit lost...

We've lived in our house for a year now.
I just noticed this a few days ago as the 1st anniversary quitely zoomed by.
Our house hasn't changed too much thou.
We still have lots to do around here before we can call our house "done", (not like a house is EVER done!!)
but Hubby has been way too busy working elsewhere, and when he's at home, his extra time is spent on work related paperwork.
At times he also enjoys spending time with me and the kids, (obviously!!), so our house has been way down on the priority list for a long time.
We are hoping to change that soon thou!

What else??  Oh yeah, our 1st anniversay in our house came and went, and with that the 1st anniversary of when I found out I was pregnant with Star.
Well, at the end of June I got a final report from my Dr, saying that I am now healthy, and that I can try for another baby if we want.
It worked.
A year after finding out we were expecting Star, I'm finding myself pregnant again.
I'm just at the early stages, but I still want to share these exciting news.
We need prayers that all will go well this time.
And if they do, God will bless us with another child at the end of March!!
The kids are very excited, and so is Hubby and I.
If we plan on moving next summer a new baby won't make it easier, but how fun to have a new litte person to bring back with us!!

Sooo... as usual in this household, full speed ahead!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! How neat! Congrats, may God bless you with this little one and hopefully all will go well. So neat. Hopefully we will get to see you in the future too when and if you move! Wow! You will be a BUSY lady when that time comes- as if you aren't now!!

MeWoman said...

Thnx. Well. I did it ones...and supposedly things r easier the second time around, so I hope that will b the case if we move next year!! (Mika was baby when we came here).

Carrie said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! We are also expecting again, number thirteen. February sixth is my due date. I hope and pray all goes well with your pregnancy. I can hardly wait to see you all again, next summer!

MeWoman said...

Carrie... wow. Congrats my dear friend. Healthy and happy pregnancy to you too! I pale in comparison... :)

Kultakutri said...

Grattis! Vi vill önska allt gott och välsingelse till er. Vad fina nyheter. Kramar!