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Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm still here....

Julyyyyyyyyyyy!  Like hello???
What is going on.  Somebody call summer and tell it to slow down a few notches!
I'm still in no shape to hit the beach...  What happened??
In the spring I made these promises to get into shape and yada yada...
And here I am.
Pasty white, hairy legs, dough belly intact.
Sun??  Heat?? Hello??
I think we need to have a chat.

Ah well.
I am healthy.  I am happy.  I have a great life surrounded by my awesome family who takes care of me in the most loving way.  Really.
On Saturday my Hubby took me clothes shopping (1st time in 3 years??for real!!)
We were gone all Saturday afternoon and had our big girls babysit.
Our oldest actually suggested us going out for the day, and my Hubby had the same idea, so I had no say :)
We had a delicious lunch at a little cafe we never visited before.
I tried on hords of clothes (something I actually can't stand, but anything to keep Hubby happy)
He LOVES shopping for me.
(not for himself, in that aspect he's very normal)
I HATE trying clothes on in public fitting rooms...
After squiggling in and out of X nr of dresses, pulling every muscle I own out of place...
I did score a few good deals.
Now I just need to go and have my neck adjusted!! (JK)

Coming home 4 of the girls had picked 3 pints/liters of wild strawberries!!  Wow!
The house was picked up and all the kids were sitting down eating dinner.
Pork chops with french fries and bearnaise sauce.
Thanks to oldest daughter.
I just stood back and looked at our gang.
Nicely seated at the table.
"What a great family I have!" was the thought that came to mind.
I felt so blessed and thankful.
Thank you all again for making me feel like the most appreaciated mom and wife.
Even with my pasty complexion and pudgy belly ;)


Sofia L said...

Motherhood is not for sissies... But for my SISTERS! You sure enuf deserved that day out! LOVE YA! Hugs, sissy-Sof :)

MeWoman said...

Tnx. It was much needed!! <3 u rite back!!

Sofia L said...

Oh...and when it comes to the white legs - you haven't seen mine. They've been covered up in long leggings and warm socks for so long now, that if I expose them, people will need sunglasses. ;) Hehehe....