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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Easter weekend is past.
We are left with fun and beautiful memories.
Time spent with the kids dying eggs. 
Easter egg hunt.
Yummy food.  And candy...
Reading the Easter story with the kids.
Talking about Jesus dying for us.
Here are some pictures that give you a glimps of our last few weeks...

We'll start with a Finnish Easter tradition.
These are real egg shells filled with the most delicious chocolate.

I'm holding one of the eggs
to show you the hole where the egg stuff came out from
and where the chocolate went in.

How they make the eggs.....
In Finnish, Swedish and English.

Here are some of the eggs we dyed...

Here's one of the kids we dyed.
When he was done he looked like a Smurf!

A bowl full of dyed eggs.
(most of them are regular eggs,
since the chocolate once are A LOT more expensive...)

Our table set for 9.

My daughter made the place settings.  Cute!!

Our yummy buffeet.
Salmon with home made tzatziki, lamb roast with gravey,
deviled eggs, ham with mustard, potatoes and salad...

Mudcake for dessert!  Guess who helped decorate it??


Sylvie said...

Wow! You guys are fancy! Those chocolate eggs sound yummy!

MeWoman said...

tnx. yeah... waaay "fancy"!! ;) the eggs ARE yummy!

mamman said...

Elaking. Man visar inte foton på fazer ägg utan att ge! Hemsk elände vad gott det låter...