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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a day in our lives!

Mostly our lives are just everyday days.
In the last weeks it seems like our life has been like that a lot.
Nothing too exciting going on, but at the same time, a LOT going on!
My Hubby is working 1½ hrs away, so his days are long, and so are mine at home alone with the kids.
As our kids are getting older, it's not so bad thou.
I really enjoy spending time chatting with the kids and I think it's important for the kids to have that time with me, just taking and hanging out.
Their lives are so busy, and they see and hear so many things from so many sources, so having a good base to come home to after school is so crucial.

Our 2nd oldest, who I often refer to as my voice of reasoning, (she's 12 btw), had one of those "Blah!" days this last week.
After school things just seemed boring and yukky.
Nothing bad in specific, but just, you know
"I don't know what to do, I'm bored, I'm sick of everything and nothing and I'm not sure why".
That's how I feel too this time of year.
It feels like my energy is drained from a long winter, and now I'm over due for some spring, warmer weather, flowers etc.
Anyway, as my daughter and I chatted away, she vented about this and that.
She told me how a girl in her class has had to live in foster care because of her parents problems, and now when she's back with her mom she's not happy since her mother is so strict (mean) to her.
I got shivers and felt so bad for the girl.
I told my daughter that maybe this girl could come and live with us!!
My daughter agreed that it sure would be nice if we could help all of those less fortunate once.
Then after some more chit-chatting she said
"You know mom, I think I have the best home out of all my school friends!"
Then she added
"And mom, I'm glad I have you, you always know how to make me feel better!"
Well kiddo, it's not just me, all I did was to listen to you.
I allowed you to feel let down, bored and out of sorts.
I didn't try to correct your feelings.
I know that life is mostly "average" days, and I'm not trying to sugarcoat everything, making you believe that life is always great.
Just talking.  And having somebody listen.  Can mean so much.

So... the last weeks have been filled with dentist appointments, running errands, work, school, picking kids up from school, day care, visiting, birthday parties, having company, chores, homework, housework, car repairs, construction...
But here and there I find small moments to cherish.
Watching and listening to our youngest kids can be extremely amusing.
Hanging out with the older kids is fun and educating.
Spending time with my Hubby is always a good time.
There are moments I wish I could take a week off and fly to a far away, warm and sunny island.
Just me.
Then there are moments I look at my life... and I get so full of love it actually hurts.
I agree with my daughter.
We have a wonderful, wonderful life.

We have great friends and a great social life.
We are content with little.
Today Hubby and I went bowling together.
Just an hour of our time, but so well worth it.
Coming home the kids and I cleaned the house while Hubby put up trim upstairs.
Little by little our house is getting all the finishing touches done.
It's easy to get cought up in all the details in life, and forget to stop and smell the roses...
When we do thou, we get reminded of our great wealth.
We have a rich, full life.
We are truly blessed.  Even on our "boring" everyday days!

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Sofia L said...

For the roses that I gather, for the thorns their stems contain...
She's sure a smart one! And your post made me thankful too - for having you as a sister, and a lot more! :)