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Friday, March 16, 2012

My talented daughter!

Happy early birthday girl! 
14 on Sunday - WOW!
So far you are turning out ok, not too much fuss having a "teen" in the house.
But we are not quite "done" yet... :)
With 6 girls in a row... there's still much drama, many tears, arguments, loves, heartbreaks etc in the future.
Well, I went through all that too, so I know what's "normal" (= nothing!!).
I feel worse for my Hubby... But he's survived me for almost 15 years, so I think he'll be just fine.
Kind of.

Well.  Our 1st born has never waited for anything.
She's a real "go getter" .
It's comforting to know that I will never need to think for her or make up her mind.
She has her own plans, ideas and talents.  Lots of talents.
One of them is making her mom pull out her own hair...
At times I feel like putting my foot on the break.  Hard.  But at the same time her ideas peek my curiosity...
I want to SEE what she's creating in her head.
And if I always said no, I think her brain would suffocate.

From the day she was born she has known what she wanted.
I tried to wrap her tight in a baby blanket... only to watch her fight her way out.
She rolled around on the floor at 2 months.
Crawled on all 4 at five months.
Walked along furniture at 6....
When she was a toddler she just did what she wanted, and got what she wanted, one way or another.
There's always a way to get on top of the fridge.... (where I'd stash anything she should NOT have)
In JR Kindergarten, at age 4, she illustrated pictures to the new song they had learned.
Her teacher actually copied her illustrations and printed out a set for each child! :)
Further up in the grades when she was recognized as a "gifted" student, she was given special assignments at school.
In grade 6 she got to plan and hold classes with the younger grades.
She was the person the principal called to the office to guide a visitor to the right room.
Well... the list could go on and on... and on.
I sometimes wish I would have taken more pictures and written down some of the projects that she has come up with... so today I'm sharing some of her productions.
Her true passion these days is baking.
It's not only the decoration (although that's her favourite part of course), but she also comes up with interesting fillings etc.
She has made up a few cakes from scratch.
I know most people don't like to listen to other parents "gush" about their kids, but as a parent of this kid, I have to say that I often stand on the sidelines and watch with my mouth open!
The funny part is that she compares herself to me many times.
Wanting to be at the same level in some ways...
Well dear... you'll have time to be all grown up too.
For now, enjoy being young.
Keep being talented, creative and fun.
Even if it drives me a bit bonkers at times... I wouldn't want you any other way!
And thank you for being a great kid.

A smoothie is not just a smoothie.
It's an occation.

One of her talents, being a good big sister, in awe of her Little Brother... (and HIS talents!!)

Aaawww....  Cupcakes.

A cheesecake she made for her cousin's baptism

A cake she made in honor of the Swedish Crown princess' new baby girl

She made all the decorations from fondant for this cute birthday cake

When her grandparents visited from Sweden she made these fruitbowls as a dinner side dish the last day of their visit!

And for her Birthday she "needed" to make these Angry Bird cupcakes for her friends at school!!


Sofia L said...

Love, Love, Love!!!! Yeah, a HUUUGE Happy B-day hug to my dearest E.!!!
Love the pics, love the girl even more - of course! Keep going, girl - your aunt will always be one of your cheerleaders!!! :)

Sylvie said...

Wow! Pretty impressive! Thanks for the pics! :)

mamman said...

Tyrel would DIE for the angry bird cupcakes!!! I am always most impressed with this girl, too. She can come entertain me & my kids whenever.

SiriusMusta said...

Åh, så mycket kreativitet! :) Så söt hon är, tänk vad stor hon är nu. Jag minns henne när hon var en liten liten flicka när vi var i Canada 2000. :)

Haha lite kul, vi firade också nya prinsessans födelse med tårta. Bilder finns i min blogg ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing Enya! We are really impressed. Mike says you should go into cake decorating. You have always been amazing, and we're glad to see you be so creative. My goodness!! I bet they taste as good as they look! Happy Bday!
Love always, Carline and Mike and family

Anonymous said...

Oh, another thought, Kaisa, it looks like Enya is perfectly capable! Might as well put up your feet and relax! Jk! :)

MeWoman said...

Tnx 4 all the kind greetings and comments.
@ Carline, I made an Angry Bird cake for her and her friends, I'll post it soon!(it turned out cute!!)
But yeah... she could totally take over here... I shuold start planning my retirement! :)