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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, again!!

Today we again celebrate one of our kiddos.  This time it's our 6th daughter who's turning 4! 
This little girl has something about her that make people notice her, even when she's not seeking out attention.  She's sweet and funny and most days she says things that have us all laugh our heads off!  Kids that age are like that, but you never get too much of it, it just keeps being cute and funny!
She really, really knows what she wants, and she makes sure to get it, pretty much all of the time.  Her poor, somewhat older, sister has to give in a lot...  At the same time she is really caring about her little brother, so I guess it evens out.

One of her little "things" she does is to giggle at just about anything.  She can be sitting by herself, playing quietly, when a slow giggle starts to build up inside her, and before you know it, she's laughing out loud, by herself, at something funny she did or thought about!

My pregnancy with her was NOT enjoyable.  At all.  I had the most morning sickness (lasted for 16 weeks), then my veins on my legs started to bug me, as my belly started to grow really fast!  At 5 months along many people started to ask if I was due soon.  I felt like saying, "Yes, I'm really due - to pop your head off!!"  I had to have extra checkups and ultrasounds and labwork.  They thought I was having twins for a while!  Turns out I "just" had a lot of amniotic fluid, no explanation to why this happened.  (there are several theories to why this can take place, but they did not fit me)  So, during one of Windsor's hottest summers on record (you can look it up if you want), I was measuring as if I was pregnant with twins, but I wasn't...
I had a very active toddler to chase, and... yeah.  I got pretty swollen and very uncomfortable before I finally was able to have this little girl.  My Dr. saw an induction to be my safest choice, since things could turn pretty risky if the water broke at home.  So 8 days before due, I went to the hospital to welcome our 6th girl.  (we knew what we were having, I had so many ultrasounds with her so it would have been very hard not to find out!)
The Dr broke my water, and they had to use a hose in my bed to suck it up.  After they had got a lot of the fluid out, my belly had literally lost half its size!  My Dr. claimed that he'd never seen that much amniotic fluid from one lady in 23 years!!  I believed him...
Our little girl made a safe arrival, but had to stay in NICU for the 1st night for observation.  She was fine, and screamed the loudest by far among all the preemies... (she was 8 lbs, and some of her roommates were probably a 10th of that!!)
The next day when I got to have her with me, I was holding my newest miracle, and thought "They are such a joy!", and then I knew that Joy would be her middlename (we hadn't decided on one yet).
And a joy she has been! 

Happy Birthday to a special girl, who makes our lives even more worth living!

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