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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Today millions of people around the world remember that dreadful day 10 years ago.  I remember that too.  Looking back I hope we all focus on what made us stronger, and not what others tried to ruin for us and make us weak and scared.  May God bless and keep us all safe from evil, and may we first of all remember to take care of ourselves and the ones who are dear to us.

This day, 12 years ago, a miracle happened.  We became parents for the 2nd time when our 2nd daughter was born.  This little lady was 9 days over due, just like our 1st one, and she made sure to make the hot summer feel even hotter for me... When she finally decided to announce her arrival, she came in a hurry!  From sitting at my brother-in-laws house, eating burgers, at 5pm, till us calling back to them from the hospital to share the latest family news, was less than 4 hours!!
This little lady made sure to keep us in line.  She refused bottles, so I had to feed her every 2 hours, around the clock, for her 1st year of life!! 

When our 1st born was a toddler, she "followed the rules of the book".  She was increadibly busy, but she would listen to me explaining, and usually be pretty obedient to what I said.  I thougth this parenting thing was falling into place quite nicely.
Well.  Let me just say that #2 proved me wrong!!  What ever worked with our 1st one, did NOT work the 2nd time around.  She'd throw fits and scream like the best.  She was the kind of kid that made you leave the shopping cart mid-isle, and walk to the car...  trying to make yourself look as descreet and small as possible.

I remember one night when she was right around 4 years old, and we had a newborn baby, an almost 2year old, and the oldest being 5½ half.  I had said the prayers at night, and my little girl had finally settled down after an unusually trying day.  I cried.  I felt that I did not have what it took to be a good mom to this little girl.  I sent a deep sigh, and a sincere prayer, that God would please give me strength.
After that day we saw a slow change.  We got her a hamster that she loved with all her heart, I need to tell you that she does have a huge, loving heart, for anything living.  As a 2-3 year old she'd collect bugs and worms and play with them.  Toads and frogs have been her pets.  Any dog anywhere was her friend to play with, to her mom's great fear at times!!  She'd follow any stranger anywhere, as long as they were attached to a dog!!
As the months went by... I one day realized "That difficult girl was gone!!"  In her place we got a really, really sweet gal, with a temper intact, and puppy-dog-eyes that could get her pretty much anything (but a horse).

She's still sweet and loving, and looking back I know that God has helped me along the way.  Every child you are given teaches you something, she sure tought me a fair scoop of patience!  She also is my voice of reasoning many times, helping me to see things from a fair point of view.
The other night she told me how everyone has some weakness that they struggle with, and as an example she mentioned how one of her sisters can be very slow at times (this is a known fact), then she mentioned a few other examples that were right on, after that she very diplomatically told me "And you mamma, you have to work on not being so hard on yourself!, I can see how you put yourself down sometimes, and you shouldn't do that!, you are a good mom, and we love you, please try to work on that!"

I tell yah, kids are so smart.  Little angels sent to us, to keep an eye open for us, to help us along the way....
Dear 12 year old!  We love you so much. Don't change. Keep your sweetness intact, keep loving this beautiful nature and all its animals!  Thank you for your wisedom and love.

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Sofia L said...

Happy 12th to "Little Miss Sparrow"... <3<3<3 She'll come far!