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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter break

Yay.  It got milder.  I think we have officially pulled through our 1st winter here, (the worst of it, we still have several feet of snow on the ground).  Still alive and well.  I've cought myself having the desire to brows glossy travel magazines... pictures of sparkling water and silky beaches is starting to get under my skin... I confess, just between the 2 of us, that spring and summer has an appealing sound to it.  But for now, I'm just happy to be done with the below -20 C spell that kept us in it's frigid hold for about 3 weeks... Today it was sunny and the temperature hovered just below 0 C.  In the sun it crept up to a few +!!  The 5 oldest went skating for a few hours, and I packed up the 2 youngest ones and went for a walk.  It felt so good with that sun on my pasty cheeks!!  Yesterday we had similar temperatures, and I went outside with just kneehighs under my long skirt... Rebel me!!  I told my husband how nice it felt with summer finally arriving!  Yes.  I'm a bit looney...  

The kiddos have this week off from school, so I sure hope that the weather will stay sunny and mild.  So far so good.

Big news btw!  The floor got poured inside our house a week and a half ago, so as soon as Big Guy gets done with the out of town project, he can get going on our house again!

Anyway.... I've got a new addiction called the name of Spoonflower.com.  (you can design and get your own fabrics printed there....) My brain is in high gear with ideas.... Martha Stewart watch out!!!
I'm gonna get a Finland update to you all real soon! Maybe even some pictures... You never know!
Later folks!

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